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3 Tips To Create Habits Of Successful People Consistently

When it comes to habits of successful people and you creating that in your life.  You need to have a few things nailed down.  You need to absolutely quit looking at your results and look at what is creating your results!

The unsuccessful always look at their results and wonder why nothing ever changes.  When in reality you need to look at your HABITS and what […]

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3 Huge Leadership Qualities I Learned On My Journey

When I look back on my journey, there are several leadership qualities I recall Ray Higdon using with me along my journey.  I want to share them with you today.

I really think this is something that will greatly help you.  Ray is a leader among leaders and this post will provide to be something to for sure take note with if you want to become […]

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Using Post Planner To Triple Social Media Engagement

Now I don’t get caught up in all these social media tools.  But if it’s gonna save me a bunch of time, I will always test it.

Post Planner for me has been nothing short of amazing for social media engagement!

It’s has literally tripled my efficiency and made my engagement triple.  This has happened in a matter of a week.  It’s crazy literally!
Increasing Social Media Engagement […]

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Put The Power Of Positive Thinking To Work For You

When I think about the greatest gift personal development has given me, I think about the power of positive thinking.  When you truly understand what this can and will do for you, it is simply amazing!

Today, I get ultra vulnerable about face to face appointments and how I got over the fear to CRUSH a presentation.  Better yet, how you can do the exact same […]

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2 Huge Tips To Help Positive Thinking Happen For You

When it comes to positive thinking and keeping your mind right, I like to talk about 1 thing.  Being happy rather than right.  That is really all that matters.

I really talk about that in this blog post and I think it will really help you.  I give 2 really big tips that may help you a ton, I believe!
Positive Thinking That Can Work For You
So […]

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Team Building Idea’s For Massive Duplication In Your Business

Yes I know, you green personalities, duplication isn’t a word.  But we are gonna use it today.  LOL.  Here are some team building idea’s I actually got from several million dollar per year earners in network marketing.

So a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to spend some major time with some amazing people at a leadership retreat that I had to qualify for.  The […]

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3 Huge Tips I Learned About Mental Toughness

So whether you want to agree with me or not is totally your choice.  But what I will tell you is, when it comes to your business, mental toughness is the only thing that is holding you back.

What do you do when you are in the heat of the battle?  When you have a potential rockstar in front of you, what is going through your […]

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Facebook Marketing To Get More Local Appointments

I have used Facebook Marketing to enroll 50 plus here in the last few months from around the globe.  Today, I want to teach you exactly how I have been recruiting people locally using Facebook.

It is big and something that you for sure can take to your teams for positive!  They can learn a lot from what I am going to show you today!
Local Appointments […]

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What To Say To Your Leads Online

So here is what happened.  I had a friend of mine here locally ask me a question about what to say to people, specifically her leads online.  I am pretty sure you have the same issue more than likely so I wanted to teach you a few things!

Of course you need to know what to say, but I am not a fan of scripts at […]

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The Truth About Multiple Streams Of Income

Of course all of us want multiple streams of income.  It is really really nice to get money from multiple sources.  But you have got to know how to do it correctly.

If you get this part wrong.  You will crush yourself and self sabotage at some point.  This post is for the serious guy or girl to really really pay attention to!
Multiple Streams Of Income […]

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Use Active And Passive Techniques For Network Marketing Leads

I really see a lot of people out there just waiting on network marketing leads. It really drives me insane because they are really saying that my success really isn’t that important.

So I wanted to tell you the difference today. I mean totally. You need to learn this because most have it wrong, all wrong!
So You Want Network Marketing Leads
It obvious you need leads. But […]

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The Real Reason Why You Don’t Go For No

So you know what to do.  You know that you should be going for no or at least be okay with rejection.  They aren’t rejecting you, it’s really about them.  So why don’t you truly go for no?

In this post, I teach you the REAL reason you don’t do such.  And by the way, Go for No is a really really short read and I […]

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How To Create A Millionaire Mindset In Your Business

So I know what you’re thinking. Yep, heard this talk before. This mindset stuff is for the birds. But here is the real thing guys. If you don’t create a millionaire mindset, you will NEVER become one. Or become very successful.

It doesn’t matter how many how-to’s you know. It doesn’t matter. I mean if you go through […]

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How To Become An Entrepreneur In The Home Based Business Industry

So I want you to win.  It doesn’t matter how you do it.  What matters to me is that you win.  You get to where you want to go.  You get FREEDOM in your life and I believe learning how to become an entrepreneur will dramatically help!

You see it doesn’t matter to me how you get there.  It just matter whether you get there or […]

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How To Rank Your Blog With Affordable Search Engine Optimization

So I hear you.  You have your blog or you are simply looking forward to your blog wondering how the heck do I get people to see it.  Well with simple affordable search engine optimization you can get your blog seen to 100’s of other people in internet land!

And guess what.  When they see your blog and you do stuff correctly, you get leads and […]

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WEBINAR REPLAY –> My Social Media Plan | Success University

Wow… What a night.  I think that was my best training EVER by the response I got.  Pretty damn cool!  My social media plan was totally revealed last night in this webinar replay.  It was killer if I could say so myself!

I went through the 7 biggest secrets to social media success.  I mean it was killer.  I really suggest you take a look at […]

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Success University –> My Social Media Marketing Strategy Revealed

Wow..  Today I wanted to give you a ton of value about my social media marketing strategy.  You see if you don’t know my story, I went from having a failure for 7 years and 9 companies, a total  burned out warm market to full time in 12 months.

I know, crazy right?  In my mind, it nuts to think back and find out how the […]

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3 Huge Tips With Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be a HUGE deal for you.  I can promise you that.  But you really need to understand a few things before you can thrive on with instagram marketing.

It’s just different.   Instagram is all about telling a story through picture.  It is all about letting people follow you through your pictures.  And the medium is getting big!
Instagram Marketing –> The Basics
So knowing what […]

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3 Huge Facebook Marketing Tips To Help You Crush It

When it comes to Facebook there are certainly some do’s and don’t do’s.  I want to give you a couple don’t do’s and some things that will allow you to start crushing it in your business as well with some Facebook Marketing Tips!

Facebook can and should be an absolute gold mine for you.  I can promise promise you that!  The bottom line is Facebook is […]

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4 Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. Twitter, Really? Yeah a few month’s ago when I was thinking about using twitter for business, I thought that’s one of those kid things.

So I understand. But if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a monster opportunity! I will give you several tips in this post today to help you start crushing it on twitter!
Twitter For Business […]

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