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What Will You Be Known For

I get asked all the time – Terry what drives you, I mean what keeps you going at a high level.  My answer is different than it used to be.  Back when I started in this business, I thought it was all about the money and cars and stuff.  But that was back when I was not successful and had no vision.
What Should Drive You?
You […]

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How To Not Take Negativity Personally

As I am sitting in this airport this morning, heading to Florida, I wanted to tell you it’s actually really really simple to not take it personally.  Notice I didn’t say EASY, I said simple.  You see, mindset training is the net that catches us all when negativity sets in.  When things happen to us all what do you lean on?

Today I literally don’t care […]

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Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Ruin Your Day

Do you have negative thoughts running through your head?  Does it consistently ruin your day?

So, I am sitting here in this coaching class that I am leading tonight in my “”90 day Success University” doing a blog and teaching my people exactly how I come up with content and such.

And one of my AMAZING coaching clients from Missoula, MT, came up with an issue to […]

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How To Recruit “Quality Only” People From Facebook

Wouldn’t you like to have quality people on your team?  Wouldn’t you rather recruit sales people than McDonald’s burger flippers?  No offense, but quality people are always open.  That is how they got there!

If you haven’t picked up Jessica’s new product called “Local Prospecting Formula”, I highly suggest you do so.  In today’s video, I show you step by step how I recruited someone using […]

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What To Do With People Throwing Rocks At You

You know what I mean right?  People in your circle telling you that you can’t do it.  Telling you that you’re stupid and you should get a real job.  Just so you know, it doesn’t stop at that.  It never will.

If people are throwing rocks at you, it’s because you’re up to something.  It because you have stuff going on.  If you were average and […]

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How To Recruit People Locally From Social Media

Such an important topic!  I hear this all the time that people say, do it all online.  Well with network marketing it is very very key to be able to recruit locally because of a few things.  You want to be able to get people to events and build that relationship, along with getting big leaders to your area.  Now, I am not the master […]

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The Difference Between Success And Failure With Social Media

With social media, the difference between success and non success is so small.  You may be doing the right things right now.  You may just be missing a key little piece.
You see, I can literally teach anyone how to recruit someone on social media.  I mean if you go through the numbers it’s a matter of time before you recruit someone.  I mean, I have […]

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Getting Someone On The Phone From Social Media

So as we continue this quest of social media and getting good with social media recruiting, today I answer the ultimate question I get ever.

Okay Terry, but how in the heck do I get them on the phone!  I can do everything else, but I just can’t get them on the phone.  What am I doing wrong!

But before I go further, If you haven’t registered […]

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What Is Your Mindset Before A Meeting?

So Day 2 of this social media challenge and run is all about your mindset before you go into a meeting.   Does it matter?

Before I get into that, I am traveling right now and as I type this I am sitting in a McDonalds in Casper Wyoming headed to Denver.  Gotta do, what you gotta do.  LOL

Mindset Matters

Bottom line….  It matters.  First of all […]

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2 Tips For Social Media Excellence

So a couple things today!  I will be giving you some awesome tips for crushing social media this week.  And we will end up with a FREE webinar!  Make sure you get REGISTERED right away!  I am having special guest Jessica Higdon to show you EXACTLY how to build a team locally with social media!  Don’t Miss This One!  GET REGISTERED!
Social Media Excellence
So a couple […]

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Abundance Academy Day 35

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How To Respond To The Pyramid Objection

You get this once in awhile right?  The good old “is this a pyramid” objection.  I get it totally.  100%.  Action last night I got it and covered it LIVE in my webinar for my clients in social media university!

Before I get started, here is a Webinar replay I did last night about my EXACT Daily routine that took me from $20 bucks in my […]

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A Few Tips On Your Daily Routine

A couple things about my daily routine and what took me from nothing to full time in my business.  Better yet, a different perspective than you are accustom to hearing.
My Daily Routine Tips
First of all, it can’t be like will power.  You see I could just list out a bunch of things you need to do each day.  Content, webinars, prospecting and all this stuff. […]

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Brendon Burchard Nuggets I Got Today

Brendon Burchard is an amazing dude – actually from this great state Montana as well!  A couple nuggets I got from him recently, I wanted to share with you!

The difference between the unsuccessful and the successful

The successful think about how they can get it done.  If they don’t have a website, they learn how or hire it out.  If they don’t know how to blog, […]

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2 Big Closing Tips For Network Marketers

Closing may be the biggest thing you ever do in your business.  Let’s face it.  How can you do business if you can’t close right?  Imagine having way less amounts of leads to close more business then you are.

Here is a video on some closing tips to help you in your business!

BTW.  Here is a webinar all about how to connect with 50 people a […]

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The Trick To Making More Money In My Mind

So you want to be the guy or the girl making more money.  Yeah, I totally get that 100%.  Today I want to share some things with you that will help you do just that. So enjoy!
Making More Money
So when it comes to making more money, you need to understand a couple things.  I detail everything in this video.  Enjoy!

Also when it comes to connecting […]

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Goals In Life Aren’t Enough | My Real Why

I want you to know that goals in life aren’t enough.  Everyone will tell you just to have goals, but that isn’t enough.  In fact, it’s not really close to what you need.

You need to have purpose, vision.  Why’s and goals are just the start.  In this post, I will reflect on the past year and why I really sacrificed.  I think you will really […]

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How to Make Money Blogging The Right Way

So if you are looking to make money blogging the right way and are all kinds of confused, I am going to give you a few tips here that should help you.

I want to tell you guy’s, first off, that blogging and passive marketing NEVER replaces active prospecting.  With that being said, you can do very well over time blogging and it can help you […]

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Keep Moving Forward | Happiness Is Worth It

It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t know whether to keep moving forward or to quit.  I didn’t know if this industry was for me or not.  Maybe I just couldn’t cut it.  These thoughts familiar?

Well this weekend I just got back from an amazing weekend with my wife.  This is something that could have never happened a year ago.  Just impossible.
Keep Moving Forward […]

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FREE Daily Inspiration Training

Just wanted to stop by today and give you some daily inspiration for FREE.  On my podcast, I give you inspiration to keep rocking it, mindset training and all sorts of cool stuff.

I wanted to let you know you can go HERE to download and listen each and every morning.  There are more than 40 training’s here for FREE already here.  Feel free to share with […]

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