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Being On My Death Bed & Dying With The Music Inside Me

Ya know, I was day dreaming yesterday.  Thinking about how the heck did I keep going.  Why did I keep going?  How can I let others know how to keep going in the face of defeat and failure?

You see, I kept trying to come up with something really special… but I couldn’t.  I kept trying to come up with something the sounded really good.  But […]

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Do You Really Need Mindset Training?

What a subject.  As I look back on my career today, I see 2 time spans.  I see a 7 YEAR time span of struggle and a 16 MONTH time span of success.

I remember coming into my last business 16 months ago & I talked to my new found mentor and upline.  I told him, I was sick of struggle and just asked if he would […]

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Be Grateful For The Bad Things Or Bad Times

Yep, I totally get it.  It doesn’t make sense.  What the heck, be grateful for the shitty times.  The times of struggle.  But I hate that.

I understand, I get it.  I have had my fair share of shitty days, bad weeks, negative spouse and failure and all that stuff.

I am grateful for that experience because with out it, I don’t have a story.  I can’t […]

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Happy Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Special

I want to take today to say thank you!  As I get ready to head to my mom’s house as a tradition and snow is falling like crazy here in Montana, I can’t help but think where I was a few month’s back.

It’s just amazing what happens when you keep going.  Actually, it’s just kind of amazing!  And a lot has to do with you […]

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How Mark Harbert Gets 53 PLUS Leads A Day Using Video

Hope you had an amazing amazing weekend!  Thing’s have been super super busy on my side.  Mostly because I am super super excited for tonight!

I don’t know if you know….  But Mark Harbert, I good bud of mine, is incredible.  He is an animal when it comes to leads.  He is incredible.  The dude has created over 40,000 leads in the last year or 2. […]

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When Life Happens To You How Do You Respond

Crazy crazy stuff happened yesterday.  I am having an amazing lunch with my absolutely amazing wife on our usually Friday lunch date.  We went to a Mexican restaurant here in town.  Great service, great food and then it happened.

I got an email that one of my video’s were down, racking my mind I couldn’t figure it out.  I couldn’t figure out why the heck it […]

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How To Keep Going When You Want To Quit

Wow…  What a HUGE topic.  So I have been coaching and mentoring one of the closest people to me in my life.  And one of things we battle with day in and day out is not knowing how to keep going.  Not knowing Why to keep going.  Not knowing in general.

So, I was talking to this person the other night, it was cold… yep, I […]

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How To Use Video For Free To Recruit More Reps

I was sitting here thinking back to when I started using video.  I didn’t have any income or budget to spend on advertising and I used video to CRUSH leads and sales!  Everyone thinks you have to have a lot of money, but you absolutely do not.

The king of all video marketing, Mark Harbert, put out 3 amazing video’s — In fact, the last 2 […]

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What Is The Real Reason People Join You

It’s pretty crazy.  I was having a coaching conversation yesterday and we were talking about the company and this and that.  We were talking about the video not being perfect, which tool to use and all that.

I stated that it doesn’t really matter.  And all I got was a blank stare from the other side of the phone.  People are joining you.  They are joining […]

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How To Set Your Duplication On FIRE In Your Team

As I was driving back from Missoula, MT yesterday, a 5 hour drive 1 way for me, I was thinking.  Wow, what if everyone out there had this.  Would the success rate be different?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  This is why I am not successful.  Quit, stop it.  But for your new people, you have the opportunity to give them a better chance to […]

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3 Huge Tips About Video I Learned From Mark Harbert

When I think about Mark Harbert, I think about massive value and massive leads.  He is the lead king.  I mean the guy has produced over 30 thousand leads in the last couple years…  Life changing right?

Do you think you could learn a few things from a guy like that?  Literally creating more leads then crazy…

Well you can do it here….  Grab Mark’s FREE video […]

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How To Crush It With Video In Your Business

So I was sitting at a Halloween party masterminding with my buddy Mark Harbert.  Do you know this guy?  Dude is one of the most amazing dude’s I know…. Seriously.  He ranks right up there with Ray Higdon.

Anyhow, back to the story…  Having a blast and talking marketing with the VIDEO KING….  Like in this picture…  “Please Don’t Judge” haha
So Let’s Get To The Content
So […]

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What To Say Once You Are On The Phone

Wow…  I was sitting here today thinking about this subject.  And thinking, have I ever talked about this really?  Some things we do just subconsciously and we forget about it.

But I actually maybe never teach what I do.  It’s so simple, yet like a lot of things, we make it complicated.  So I wanted to go over some things for and with you that I […]

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How To Answer The “What Is It” Question

Of course, I am the social media guy.  So on a daily basis, I get bombarded with questions regarding social media and recruiting.  I was sitting on the couch yesterday, while watching a movie and getting my presentation done with my family, thinking man I get this question a lot!  And it’s so simple.
The dreaded…  What is it or What’s the name of the company
That’s […]

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Your Losing Money Every Day Without This

So I get it.  You are out there prospecting on social media like me, Jessica and lots teach.  You keep running into all of these people that are happy in their current mlm or business.  They like you and what you do, but they are happy, just like you!

It get’s totally frustrating having to wonder about that.  Trying to convince them that your deal is […]

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Let Your People And Team Mates Know You Believe In Them

As I sit here today on this fine Saturday, 1 of the things I believe I am really good at is letting people know I believe in them.  I let them know early and often that I believe in them and I have their back.

A lot of times in life, we are beaten down.  We don’t know which way to turn.  We have no clue […]

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What Dressing Up For Halloween And Self Image Have In Common

Crazy right.  Plum grown up mastermind people dressing up for Halloween.  Not only that, but dancing like crazy people without a care in the world.  Well most of us anyhow.  This includes a guy Larry that hadn’t dressed up in 40 years and me in over 12.  All because I thought I was too good.

But really it comes down to whether or not you care […]

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How To Create A Life You LOVE

As I am sitting here at the airport in Destin, FL to go back home.  I am relishing in the life that has been created because of our amazing industry.

But the crazy thing is, anybody has the ability to create an amazing life.
What I life about anyhow….
What a loaded question huh.  How can we become happier?  How can we truly love our life?

You have all […]

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Increase Culture In Your Organization With These Tips

As I am leaving Destin, FL tomorrow morning, I can not think of more amazing people to be around and the magic of such people around me.  It is just simply amazing!

As I think about the biggest, baddest, most amazing nugget out of the entire weekend.  I must think of the culture that Jessica Nelson of Jacksonville, FL creates in her organization.

It is flat amazing!

The […]

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Catching Sharks & Setting Intentions To Get What You Want

At 5:45 we took off from the hotel.  Tired, excited but still a bit unconscious.  Most of us happen to be running low on sleep from the past few days because of this amazing mastermind with Ray & Jessica Higdon and 45 other amazing marketers!.

The last few day’s have been quite amazing and everyone is reeling and telling story about their personal biggest take-away’s and what […]

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