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The 1 Strategy To Help You CRUSH 2015

We are sitting here with 1 day left in 2014.  It is absolutely craziness.  Just nuts how time flies right?

I always get asked, Terry, what is the 1 piece of advise?  What is your business model?  So, I thought I would give you guys a model to follow in 2015 to absolutely CRUSH it!

Is that cool?
Invest, Learn, Teach
So the first thing you must do is […]

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Tips If You Are Scared To Get In The Game

So, I was on Facebook this morning thinking about what value to give you guys.  Something that could really really help you going forward in 2015.

And as often happens, someone reached out to me with a question.  She said, I have been through this product several times and just can’t get myself to do it.  It’s like I am being a chicken.
Ever Had That Problem
I […]

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Are You Looking For Security In Business?

Security in business.  It’s totally a novel concept.  I want to talk to you about a few things today that might help you out a bit.

Security is something you have in a job right away right?  You know if you do the right things you will get a paycheck every 2 weeks or what ever it is.

Well, sorry to say but being an entrepreneur isn’t […]

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How Do You Create A Huge Vision

I was sitting around thinking today about why I am where I am.  Why am I here?  What has prompted me to get here?

The only thing I can come up with is vision.  Having a vision that pulls me through the tough days.
What Does A Vision Really Do?
Really what a vision does is creates funnels in the universe that need to be filled.  Here is […]

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How To Setup A Webinar Step By Step

So yesterday, I had a coaching call with a client of mine with a book launch on the horizon.  He was doing a webinar and wanted to know how to set a webinar up, hook it to a list and create a sexy capture page.

I thought you guys would get some amazing value from this as well.

So here is a video all about that step […]

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Proper Networking Techniques Around The Holidays

You now that guy or girl that goes around at Christmas and New Years showing products, handing out flyers and pitching.

The – here is a sample – guy.  No.  Don’t be that guy.  Don’t be that girl.  So what is the proper thing to do around the holidays?

Remember.  These are people you don’t see very often, correct?

Let’s make a good impression.

Spend your time around the […]

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What Question To Ask On A Follow Up Call

So today, I had a follow up call with a potential coaching client and my business partner and friend, Felicia Mupo.  We were following up and I made an error.

Yup, I make mistakes too and I wanted to pass it on to you!  You don’t need to worry about me hiding and thinking I am perfect.
The Question
So Felicia is incredibly talented in the area of […]

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How To Build Your Confidence To A New Level

I was sitting here in my hotel room this morning just thinking about things.  Thinking about the number 1 thing that stops people in their tracks.

The 1 and only answer I came up with was confidence and belief.  If you have confidence and you have belief nothing, absolutely nothing will run into your path.

So the question remains.  If that is the key.  Terry, how in […]

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Stop & Smell The Roses

I decided to give my kids a cool present this year.  We are sitting here in Billings, MT in our hotel getting ready to go spend the entire day at the biggest indoor water park in Montana.  To say they are excited is a great big understatement!

It wasn’t very long ago that I wouldn’t or couldn’t get myself away from my business to do this. […]

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Step By Step – How To Create Leads From Craigslist

Last night was incredible.  I got my color crayons and highlighters out and showed – STEP BY STEP – how to have 2 – 5 people reaching out to you daily through Craigslist.

I actually had a guy reach out to me that put an ad up last night from my training and got responses this morning!  How cool is that?   Would  you like to […]

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The Holiday’s & Mindset Blocks

The holiday’s can give you some major mindset blocks if you don’t watch it.  BTW – I hope you have an amazing Christmas holiday season.  Much love to you and yours!

But I want you to CRUSH 2015.  I was sitting here thinking today about the holiday’s and the mindset that blocks us from doing what we want.

You know those voices.  Oh they don’t have money […]

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The In’s & Out’s Of Becoming A Better Trainer

So last night, like usual, I was on an exclusive webinar with my mentor and coach Ray Higdon!  What an incredible training like always.

Ya know, I thought I was a pretty darn good trainer.  In fact, I get told that by you guys, but what I found out is how to get way way better.

As always, I am totally coach-able at all times, so going […]

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Get 2 – 5 Leads Reaching Out To You Daily

Hope your Sunday is amazing!  I am sure it is.  As I sit here in Montana, we have snow like crazy and cold.

But it’s that time of year I would imagine.  It’s one of those things that just happens this time of year.  But it’s totally okay.

But business is heating up, lead creation is heating up, things are getting all out crazy.

And I totally want […]

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Abundance Academy Day 66

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How Laurette Willis Is CRUSHING It In Her Business

I have a treat for you guys today.

An amazing interview from Laurette Willis.  Such an AMAZING, Awesome person.  I think you can learn a TON from this interview.  She has recruited 8 new reps in the past 3 weeks and she is absolutely AMAZING!


Don’t forget about the webinar tonight.

Get registered here….  7 strategies to have an the best year ever in 2015 – Click Here […]

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The #1 Reason People Leave Your Team

So, I was day dreaming yesterday about why do I stay on my team.  What makes me so loyal?  Why would I never leave no matter what.

More so than that, why do my coaching clients absolutely LOVE me?  Why do they talk about me at such a HIGH level?

Is it because I have skills – but everybody has skills.  So, if they can coach with […]

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How To Make More Money Without Working Any Harder

Isn’t this what we are searching for.  To make more money in a leveraged manner without working any harder?

This is certainly what I am looking for and you should be too!

But before we get started.  I want to invite you to an absolutely FREE webinar on Thursday night.

The 7 strategies you MUST know to have your best year in 2015!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

but back […]

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