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What Is The Meaning Of Life – Create More Peak Experiences In Your Life

I am on a trip with my daughter.  One of the people in my life that drives me to go so much harder.

To create a life for her and my son that is amazing.  I am sitting here at a waterpark with her creating an amazing day!
So, what is the meaning of life?
You see, on Saturdays I used to have to work.  Before network marketing […]

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Me Coming Clean & Staying Positive In The Face Of Life’s Challenges

So, crazy topic huh?  Well depending on when you read this, I am typing it on Friday, January 30th, 2015.

I need to restore integrity with you guys and girls.  It’s time!

Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything bad  to you, but I wanted to use it as a teaching lesson as well.
Staying Positive When The World Seems To Be Falling Around You
So, over the course of […]

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What I Learned From Ray Higdon Regarding Passive Residual Income

Wow, This will be some powerful stuff today if you let it sink in.

Ray Higdon is one of my best friends and an amazing mentor of mine. Without him, I just don’t know what I would be doing today.

It surely wouldn’t be what I am doing right now.
Here is a powerful lesson he actually gave me that I know you can learn from about Passive […]

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Network Marketing Tips When Using Social Media For Business

Today, I wanted to bring you a little different way to prospect.

A little different way to pitch and not use the opportunity.

How would you like to get more people to take a look at your company?
Network Marketing Tips When Using Social Media For Business
So, I see so many people giving the same ole pitch everyone gives.

The bad thing is, sometimes the opportunity is not the […]

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Creating A Vision Taught So You Can Understand It

So Last night, I was teaching our closest coaching clients how to create a HUGE vision.

So I wanted to bring some of that to you.  So first off, why do you need a vision?

Well, will power is not enough.  You will look at your results and when they stop, you will to.  You need to focus on your vision.
Creating A Vision
So the first thing you […]

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9 Ways To Find New MLM Leads Using Facebook

Happy Happy Sunday!  I really hope this finds you with value and not just bugging you.

I was thinking today, what the heck would help these guys and girls out the most.

I thought that prospecting would be the name of the game.  Because that is the biggest question I get.  So how would 12 ways work for you?  Cool?
9 Ways To Find New MLM Leads Using Facebook
You […]

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4 Facebook Marketing Tips Most Get Wrong

So, it’s Friday – Do you have super fun plans this weekend or are you working on your business?

Well before you get started on your plans, I wanted to drop a note about a couple things.

Most people out there and when I say most, I mean 98% are doing Facebook and social media totally wrong! I want to help you do the right thing!
Follow these […]

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get More People On The Phone

How is your week turning out so far?  I hope your 2015 is turning into your best ever!

One of my most common questions I ever get is….

Terry, I can talk to people on Social Media, but how the heck do I get them on the phone?  Do you struggle with this as well?
4 Social Media Marketing Tips
So, if you are looking to get more people […]

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How To Set An Appointment & Have More People Show Up For Network Marketing Success

So how is your Wednesday going folks?

It’s been such an amazing day so far and it’s so early!  But I wanted to see if you ever struggle with getting people to actually show up to appointments?

Do you ever find yourself making a ton of appointments and having nobody show up?

If this sounds familiar, this post is certainly for you!
How to set an appointment for network […]

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How To Cheat With Great Copy Writing (From The Desk Of Ray Higdon)

Hope your Tuesday is going amazing!  Yeah crazy right!  If you don’t think you will ever need copy writing skills.  Stick around.

See, I attended an amazing “Invest, Learn, Teach” mastermind in Estero, FL a couple weeks back.  He gave some amazing nuts and bolts with copy writing but more so how to CHEAT and use high paid copy writers copy.  It just makes sense, right?

Also, […]

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How To Create Your Own Daily Affirmations (I Share My Affirmations Too)

Last night, we held a training for our special coaching clients about daily routine.  And before that we talked about mindset and daily affirmations came up.

One of the big things or questions we got was, What are you affirmations?

I will absolutely answer that in today’s post but first I want to share how you create your own.

1st, think of the things that you most desire. […]

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Online Marketing Tips: How To Take Notes At Events & Courses

I used to be the guy who always took notes like we are taught right.  You know, write everything, I mean everything down no matter what!

So why the heck do we do this?  The easy thing to say is we are conditioned to think this way!  Bottom line.

College, high school, grade school.  No matter what.  We are taught to write everything down.
Online Marketing Tips:  Note […]

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Ray Higdon’s EXACT Daily Routine I Learned This Weekend

So as you know, I am just about to come back to Montana from Florida.  I wanted to share some really cool stuff I learned from Ray Higdon.

As you know, he is the absolute KING of routine.  The absolute KING of getting things done!

So I thought you would gain benefit out of his routine.

Ray Higdon’s Exact Daily Routine

First off, he has all this done before […]

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4 Network Marketing Online Tips To Help You Make More Money

So I am just sitting here another day in Florida just loving life.  It’s been absolutely amazing attending Ray Higdon’s mastermind about ILT or Invest, Learn, Teach.

Reflecting on an amazing weekend today.  It’s been great.

So today I thought, how the heck can I give you guys a ton of value.  So I thought…  Let’s talk about the 4 top tips I got in the online […]

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5 Tips I Learned From Ray Higdon’s ILT Mastermind

So, this has been incredibly crazy this weekend. I am sitting here in Estero, FL and I get to go see Ray Higdon’s house today and have a VIP day from the ILT workshop!

It is so flipping cool! I am so excited, I thought I would share with you a couple things, well 5 things, I have gotten so far from Ray Higdon at the […]

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#1 Reason For Non-success – Knowing Everything

I hope you are having an amazing day!  Today is Thursday and I am off to Florida for a few days.  So excited!

But needed to get this message out to you!  This will absolutely DICTATE your success in 2015!

As I was finishing up video 1 of Justice & Adam’s – justice said something so true.

He was talking about mindset, vision and such.  He was talking […]

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How To Set Goals & Hit Them In 2015

Hey guys and girls… Happy Tuesday!

As I go through Adam & Justice’s new video series – Dream Year Challenge – I am absolutely dumbfounded.  The value has been amazing.  But I wanted to share it with you!

In the first few minutes, Adam starts talking about how to hit your goals in 2015.

I am talking about really hitting your goals….  And more importantly, why you didn’t […]

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6 Tips To Help You Make More Money In 2015

It is 2015 and we are 4 days in.  Just crazy if you ask me!

I was reading a blog post by my coach Ray Higdon that inspired me to write this today!

What more would you want than to make more money right?

1. Believe In Yourself – Everything starts & ends with belief.  Remember,The thinker thinks and the prover proves.  What does this mean?

If you think […]

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Underground Miner To 10k Days Interview


It’s been really a cool way to start 2015.  With this interview where I was able to give so much value! This guy is simply amazing!

Just click the picture above to hear the entire interview!

BTW… if you haven’t taken advantage yet!

Recruit a thon – Learn how to do everything I do…. LIVE CALLING leads for 3 – 4 hours… plus much much more…


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Are You Lacking Confidence & Belief In Your Business

I look back to my days when success wasn’t to promising.  When I struggled mightily to do anything in my business.

Being January 2nd, I want to give you guys something to impact you for the rest of the year or even the rest of your life!

I did a HUGE webinar last night BTW….

Here is the recording – it’s time sensitive —
What Will Knock You Out […]

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