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Follow Up [Sales Techniques] That Will Get You Results

Do you struggle with follow up?  Do you not know what to do when it comes to AFTER the video?

These sales techniques I share in this post are really critical to going forward.

As you know, most people never join on the 1st time.

In fact, industry standards are between the 5th and 7th touch.  Follow up is critical.  Enjoy and share if you get value!
Follow Up […]

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Sales Tips That Most Don’t Know | The Take Away

Do you have a ton of people telling you NO?  Do you not know why?

Sales tips are great, but this one is tremendous.

If you are not doing it, I think you’ll double your results right away!

Read on to find out what I mean.
Sales Tips For Success
Here are some sales tips I wrote about a couple days ago with social media that I really think you’ll […]

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The Inventer Of Hustle : Gary Vaynerchuk

Are you really hustling in your business?  Are you really going as hard as you can go?

Gary Vaynerchuk is literally the guy that really introduced the word hustle to me at such a deep level.

The author of Crush It, amazing business mind Gary V.

If you really want to win in business, you must hustle.

If you want to hustle, you must know what it means.  Here […]

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My Favorite Jim Rohn Quotes That Helped Me In Business [Pictures]

Do you need consistent motivation?  Jim Rohn quotes have helped me keep motivated, so I thought they would help you as well!

Motivation and personal development is like bathing.  We need to do it DAILY.

Jim Rohn was one of the first guys that I started to listen to.

I think his quotes and things he said could really help you.  Let me know below your favorite quote […]

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3 [Social Media Marketing Strategy] Tips To Run Hard

Are you ready to run hard?  Are you wanting to create a social media marketing strategy to help you get to the next level?

Here is the deal guys and girls.  If you are going to run hard on social media, you must do a couple things.

I share 3 huge tips with you in this post that helped me get to the next level.

They will obviously […]

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The Key To How To Earn Money Online

Do you ever wonder, “Should I even keep going”?  Or, “Is this ever going to work for me”?

How to earn money online is all about mindset.

See in network marketing and online income, it’s all about knowing you can do it.

It’s about believing and just know that I believe in you!  Read on.
How To Earn Money Online
You see, if it was all about the how-to’s, all […]

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My Blitz Daily Routine For Success [In Pictures]

Do you struggle with your daily routine?

A question I get asked a lot is, “Terry, what your day look like what you are rocking and rolling (blitzing).”

If you want to crush your business, follow these pictures and what I do daily.

Enjoy these pictures and how you can do this too!
My Blitz Daily Routine
1. Gratitude/Affirmation Time – So, important.  I just make sure I spend some […]

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My Favorite Personal Development Audio Books Online [With Pictures]

Are you letting life get in the way of your success?

Well, you know the biggest thing to battle when it comes to your mindset.

It’s all about personal development and I love audio books online to give me that.

I mean, think about it a touch, you can take them where ever you go.  You can listen while doing laundry or driving the kids somewhere.

In this post, […]

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How To Do Keyword Research To Rank Your Blog

Are you totally confused on how to do keyword research EASILY?

Do you get all stressed out when it comes to how exactly to do it?

You are in luck.  In the post & video below, I show you exactly how to do keyword research the easy way.

Enjoy and make sure you share to your friends!
This Infographic Is Great

It really is quite […]

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How To Talk To Different Ages Of People With Network Marketing Opportunities

Do you ever wonder when it comes to talking about your network marketing opportunities that you should talk to different ages of people differently?

I know that I used to.  I am going to share with you in this post, all about just that.

You will for sure know the 3 categories of people and what they all like after this post is finished.

It matters and you […]

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How To Increase Sales | Leave That Plateau Behind

Don’t you wonder how to increase sales in your organization?

I completely understand, you should be wondering this at all times.

But the real question today is, have you ever been in a plateau?

Do you know how to get out of it?

Here is the answer.  Pay Attention today!
How To Increase Sales | How To Get Out Of That Plateau
You have been in a plateau or slump for […]

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My Top 10 [Success Quotes] From Convention In Kansas City

Do you go to your annual convention with your company?

Well, if not, you absolutely should.  Why?

Here is the reason.  You just might have the breakthrough you have been looking for, for so long.

I wanted to share the top 10 success quotes from day 1 that might really help you get to the next level!

Success Quotes Shared Yesterday

“Tough times don’t last….. But tough people do”

“When there […]

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Network Marketing Leads | The Story Of The Shuttle Driver

You know when you go to the airport and you have the shuttle driver, right?

Most always pass by this guy.  But not this time.

You have network marketing leads under your nose each and every day.

I am going to teach you my blueprint on how to get there contact information!
Network Marketing Leads – The Shuttle Driver
So, we were headed to convention.

You know, that event you should […]

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[How To Stop Feeling Guilty] About Working Your Business

You feel guilty about your business when you are working it?

You feel guilty towards yourself when you are with your family?

There is 1 HUGE reason why.  Something I have been through and I promise you are going through or you have a team member going through it.

Agree?  How to stop feeling guilty has to do with being present in your life.


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How To Use Seo Video Marketing Without Having A Website

Seo Video Marketing | How To Use Attraction Marketing Without A Website
So, You are struggling with content marketing and attraction marketing because you want to wait until your website is done.

I get it.  You think.  How can I attract people with out a blog?  The Answer is Seo Video Marketing.

What if I told you that you didn’t need a blog right away or ever. […]

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What Is Network Marketing | A Story I Learned From Going Home To Montana

What Is Network Marketing & Why
This past week I headed home to see my kids and family in Montana.

A revelation came to me that I wanted to share with you.

See my dad is a very hard working rancher – he raises black angus cows here in Montana.

This is my story of why network marketing and really what is network marketing.
My Dad Is Amazing – What […]

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Top 15 Biggest Benefits Of The Best Home Based Business

Best Home Based Business – Is There One?
First off, I want YOU to know the best home based business is the one you are in.

Not what you thought I would say, huh!

Now if you don’t have any leadership, support or your company is going under, send me an email.

But stay put.  I would pretty much guarantee that you are in the best company.  That is […]

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[How To Focus] On Business With So Many Options Out There

– With So Many Training Options

Do you ever have trouble focusing with all the options out there?

I get this question all the time from coaching clients and team members.

Terry, there are so many webinars, products, ect. out there.  What tools do I use, what tools do I not use?

Today, I am going to answer this question for you and teach you how […]

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[MLM Leads] | The Dreaded Question Of What To Say To Grab Attention

MLM Leads – What To Say To Grab Attention
A great client / customer asked this question and I assumed you would have the same thing happen to you.

I thought you’d get major value from it!

Aisha is her name and she said, “Terry, I can talk to people but what do I say to grab mlm leads attention?

Have you ever had this question?
MLM Opportunities – It’s […]

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7 [Ways To Be Happy] In Your Life | How To Have Max Energy

How To Have Max Energy – In Life

If you know me, you know I am a happy go lucky – HIGH energy guy.

I get asked this question a lot.

Terry, How do I get your energy?  How do I do that?

I answer that question in this post – it all has to do with ways to be happy.  I think you will […]

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