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The 3 Things That Cause [Successful Business Ideas] To Fail

Have you ever had successful business ideas?  And nothing happened with them?

Yeah, me too.  I totally understand that pain completely!

What if I told you, it is because of 3 things and 3 things only.

Seriously, there are really only 3 things that cause failure with business idea’s.

Successful Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs That Work

Here are 55 successful business ideas from entrepreneur!

This actually is pretty simple. […]

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4 Lies You Have Been Told About You Being An Online Expert

So, you want to be an online expert, correct?  Did you know that you have been lied to?

If you want to win and become an expert in your niche, you need to understand a few things.

But you have been lied to.  And I want to come clean with you.

These 4 lies will be mind blowing for you!

The Lies You’ve Been Told About Becoming An Online […]

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[Quotes] How To Invest In Yourself To Achieve These 2 Things

Are you wondering how to get to the next level?  Do you want to achieve great things?

Well, it takes doing something really simple, yet simple not to do as well.

You need to invest in yourself if you are to get to the next level.

Their are 2 really big things you will achieve if you do.

Invest In Yourself Quotes

You may check out this article –> from […]

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How To Become An Expert Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Do you feel like not working so hard?  An expert seems cool, but you don’t really feel like it?

That’s super cool, who the heck wants to work hard.k

In this post, I am going to share how YOU can become an expert in your niche, even if you’re starting today, in 3 minutes a day.  As long as you have a phone.

How To Become An Expert […]

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5 SEO Optimization Tips For The Technically Challenged

Are you technically challenged?  Yeah, me too.

I totally get it.  But you don’t have to be a technical wizard to rank your blog or video’s on google.

I promise you that.  Today, I share 5 seo optimization tips even if you are technically challenged like me!

Here you go!
Seo Optimization Tips Even If You’re Not A Techy
First off, I highly suggest grabbing Ray’s 3 Free Video’s ONLY […]

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5 Ways To Become The [Go To Person] Even If you’re Lazy

Do you want to become the go to person in your profession?

It may be easier than you think, even if you are lazy.

No, seriously in a few minutes a day, you can absolutely CRUSH your competition over time.

I share 5 tips in this post that have taken me from ZERO to well over 130k per year.

My Favorite Go To Person Quotes
To simply wake up every […]

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Become A Marketing Expert Even If You’re Starting Today

Do you want to become a marketing expert in your niche?  What if it only took you 3 minutes a day?

That’s exactly what I will be talking about today.

See, a year ago I started coaching with Ray Higdon and went from literally ZERO to 120k over the past year.

YOU can do that too.  Here is how in this post!
Becoming A Marketing Expert Isn’t That Hard
My story […]

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Succeed In Online Marketing Even If You’re Scared

Are you scared of online marketing and not really sure what to do?  Are you just scared to get on video?

Well I have been at a mastermind with Ray Higdon, Russell Brunson & Tim Sales.

It has been all about how to use a online marketing strategy to make your life easier.

Even if you are scared, I want to show you how to become an online […]

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Tanya Aliza –> “The 2nd Word In Network Marketing Is Marketing”

Would you like to brand yourself?  Would you like to be a top 3 recruiter in your company?

That is exactly what Tanya Aliza did.

Today, you have the ability to listen to how she has totally killed it using marketing.

Read the rest of this article if you are looking to become an expert in your network marketing company.
Tanya Aliza – Work Smarter Not Harder
I am at […]

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Johnathan Budd Talks “You Must Have A Vision”

Do you have a vision?  Are you charging for something?

Johnathan Budd just got interviewed by Ray Higdon and it was priceless.

Today’s blog post I detail his story and some HUGE nuggets for you.

Do you want to win big?  Then read on and watch my video!
Johnathan Budd – From Smoking Pot To Millionaire
If you want to get the full interview for free, you might want to pick up […]

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Mark Hoverson Talks Marketing With Ray Higdon

Wow.  That’s all I can say.  Do you ever wonder if you can do it?

I just got done listening to an interview from Mark Hoverson.

The stories were amazing.  This dude is absolutely CRAZY!

Keep reading to know what I mean.
Mark Hoverson – The Early Days
First off, you can catch the entire interview in the virtual summit with Ray Higdon here.

It was crazy.  So, Mark bought his […]

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Starting An Online Business To Get To 6 Figures

Do you want to have a 6 figure business?  Would you like to do it from Facebook for Free?

Well, I would say that’s kinda a crazy question.

I am sure you would of course.  You can have a pretty amazing life with a 6 figure business.

But how?  Is it possible?  YES it is possible.  100%!  Starting an online business can be the best decision of your […]

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My Journey With Ray Higdon & How He Changed My Life

Would you like to have your life completely changed?  Would you want to go in a completely different direction than you are currently?

I understand and thats where I was about 2 years ago.

Then, I met Ray Higdon & because of him my life changed dramatically!

This is my story of meeting Ray & something you can learn from for sure.
Ray Higdon’s Impact On Me
Before I get […]

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3 Marketing Ideas To Make Life Easier As A Network Marketer

Do you want to make your life easier as a network marketer?

Right, you hear this all the time.  But stop laughing and listen up for a minute.

We often teach a lot on the networking side.  Building relationships, talking to people out a about.

Today, I want to teach you some marketing ideas to make your life easier.

This is what I mean.
Marketing Ideas To Make Your Life Easier
When […]

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What To Post When Using Social Media For Business

Do you struggle with what to post on social media for business?

I totally understand. Most people that I teach and coach have the same problem.

You need to understand it is about lifestyle and about what to post.

In the post below, I will show you what you need to post.
Social Media For Business –> Lifestyle
First off, if you are looking to get more leads in your business, […]

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You Need To Sacrafice When [Owning Your Own Business]

Do you ever feel guilty when you go back to work your business?

You have been at work all day and now you ask your significant other to watch your kids for a bit longer?

You need to understand when owning your own business you will have to sacrifice either way no matter what.

That is exactly what you are going to find out in this post today. […]

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The #1 Rule To Team Building In Network Marketing

Do you have trouble when it comes to building your team in your network marketing business?

I completely understand.  There is 1 rule you MUST live by.

Team building in network marketing boils down to 1 thing that I list in this post.

I actually talked about it in a recent presentation for another network marketing company.
Team Building In Network Marketing
You want to build a big team inside […]

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5 Tips On How To Close A Sale In Network Marketing

Do you have trouble when it comes to closing sales?  Is that a problem area for you?

When it comes to how to close a sale in network marketing, you need to know a few things.

In today’s post, I share with you 5 critical steps in order to close a lot more sales into your business.

Enjoy today’s post and feel free to share it to your […]

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Network Marketing Leads | The Story Of My First Esthetician

Do you ever want to say something, yet you never do?  You are at that long appointment, yet never ask them?

Yeah, yeah, tell me about it.  You can give me some guff about it guys as soon as you try it.

I got a facial and a backcial yesterday and it felt amazing. Network marketing leads are everywhere around you!

They are literally everywhere.  Here is a […]

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