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Why Instagram Is One Of The Biggest Social Media Tools That Nobody Uses Correctly

Why people don’t use Instagram for marketing is beyond me.  It is literally becoming the next Facebook.

With over 300 million users and growing, it is becoming a force in the social media space.  It is one of the biggest and best social media tools that nobody is using.
#1 Reason People Don’t Use 1 Of The Best Social Media Tools
I get this question a lot.  Well […]

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What Your Mindset Has To Do With How To Become Wealthy

Welcome to Episode 2 – Mindset & Money!  How To Become Wealthy.  It is pretty crazy.  So many people believe that becoming wealthy has to do with all of the other stuff.

You need to remember that IF you want to become wealthy, you need to understand it starts upstairs!  It starts with your mindset!  It starts with the way you think.

I am going to […]

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10 Easy Steps To Tell Your Story In Your Social Media Strategy

When it comes to your awesome Social Media Strategy you need to understand you need to find your voice!  Or you need to Tell Your Story!

In EPISODE 1 of our new show, I cover how to tell your story and find your voice!  Enjoy~

Your Social Media Strategy To Share Your Story 
First of all, Here is my favorite all time – tell your story tweet from […]

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Use YouTube Marketing To Grow Your Audience Exponentially

I am all about growing an audience as you know.  This is the biggest thing I want you to know!

If you know how to grow an audience… It doesn’t matter where you go or what happens, you will always be okay.

YouTube marketing should be a HUGE component of that if it isn’t already.  Why?  Find out in this post.
YouTube Marketing – Video Marketing That Works Without […]

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3 Secret Tips On How To Use Twitter For Maximum Effectiveness

Do you want to use twitter effectively?  If you want to know how to use Twitter effectively… Stay Tuned.

Most people a are either scared or they just don’t know Twitter 101.  I will share that with you in this post.

Twitter 101 – How To Use Twitter For Beginners
First off, Lions Den Marketing Class tonight @ 9 EST!

How to get 21+ leads in 10 minutes or […]

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How To Use Twitter Ads To Dominate Your Niche

I am super excited for you to learn about twitter ads!  Its been such a joy.

Twitter advertising has really catered to the advertiser.  It is really fun.

Using Twitter Ads To Dominate Your Niche
First of all, Monday Night @ 9 EST – Twitter Marketing Lions Den Class – Register Here

I will be teaching everything I know about twitter ads & prospecting on twitter!  It will be […]

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How To Build An Audience To Continually Buy From You Using Social Media Marketing

Last night I did a webinar on how to build an audience long term using social media marketing strategies.

It is critical to build an audience to take care of you long term.  It is really a 5 step process.

BTW…  Make sure you watch the webinar down below.  It will blow your socks off!
Social Media Marketing Audience Creation Blueprint
Inside your Social Media Marketing Plan you need […]

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How To Use Twitter Marketing Twitter Advertising To Skyrocket Your Business

When it comes to marketing, 1 of my favorite methods is twitter marketing.

There are so many cool things you can do with twitter advertising it is crazy.  It is kinda like twitter is catering to advertiser.

It is super cool!

My Twitter Marketing Strategy – A – Z
First off.. I am doing a webinar tomorrow night on how to become a Social Media Celebrity.  I highly suggest […]

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4 Huge Reasons Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

Are you struggling to find leads in your company using Facebook marketing?

You have not be doing 1 or multiple of the 4 below factors in your Facebook marketing strategy.

Makes sure you are not doing 1 of the following and get it corrected!

What You Are Doing Wrong In Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

See… There are several things you should be doing if you want Facebook marketing to […]

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3 Must Have Instagram Tools To Get 13+ Leads A Day

Do you ever wonder how to use Instagram marketing better or easier?

Well there are several Instagram tools for business that can really help you get to the next level.

I hope to shed some light on 3 tools that can really help you in this post!

Instagram Tools Take Your Business To The Next Level

Instagram can be a really cool place to market.  Does it work?  Oh yes […]

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4 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Should Be In Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Have you ever wanted to have a social media marketing plan of action?  Wondered if Instagram marketing should play a part?

In todays post, I am going to teach you 4 reasons exactly WHY Instagram needs to be part of your marketing strategy.

Social Media Business Plan & Instagram Secrets

So… Ever since 2012 when Facebook took over Instagram it has been going crazy.

So you might ask why?

It […]

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