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How To Market A Product On Facebook

So you have a product to promote.  And now you have a Facebook account… Right?

And you want to know…

How to market a product on Facebook with absolute certainty that you will have results.

Is it simple?  Can you do it?  How to do it?

All of these crazy questions are running through your head… Huh?  Don’t worry…  I am going to show you just how to market […]

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The Real Deal On How To Sell On Facebook Without Getting Banned

Yesterday we talked about how to not get banned.  I told you that I would tell you and teach you how to actually sell on Facebook.

If you want to know how to sell on Facebook…  You need to understand the users on Facebook.  The users are sharing, commenting, liking and such.  That is what Facebook wants.

So…  I will teach you how to sell effectively on […]

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3 Actions Assured To Get You Banned With Facebook Advertising

I told you yesterday that we would be talking about being banned on Facebook. Of course, it’s not that fun to talk about… But don’t you at least want to know?

You do… So, today I want to chat with you about Facebook Advertising practices that are assured to get you banned so you never have to worry about that.

Follow these practices and you are assured […]

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Your Facebook Ads Guide To Increase Leads & Sales Instantly

Why the heck should you use Facebook ads in your business?

The better question is why the heck are you NOT using Facebook Ads in your business right now.  I know that answer and that is EXACTLY why I put this post together with my Facebook Ads Guide.  This way you NEVER waste money on ads.

Before we get started…

Let’s ask…

Why Facebook Ads?

It’s pretty simple really.  Facebook […]

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Why Attraction Marketing Is A Must & MLSP Is A No-Brainer

I know Facebook prospecting is amazing.

I am a HUGE supporter of using social media to create leads.  But you need to understand attraction marketing.

In this post, I will share with you how you can make more money than you have ever created before using attraction marketing.

You will find out why MLSP is a no-brainer.

Attraction Marketing To Bring You Endless Income While You Sleep

Let me explain […]

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The Unparrelled Law Of Compensation – Bob Proctor

Have you heard of the law of compensation?

Most haven’t and that is exactly the reason you need to know this law.  If you are not making money… You absolutely need to know this!

Bob Proctor is one of my favorite trainers in the world and this post will probably blow your mind.

My hope is this post will share with you why you are not making money […]

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3 Secrets Ways To Generate Network Marketing Leads For Your Business

When it comes to your business, you need people to talk to.

You need network marketing leads for your business.

There are 3 very simple ways to generate network marketing leads for your business.

Facebook prospecting by attracting people to you, finding people locally on Facebook or using the internet to attract them to you.

In this post, I am going to share with you these 3 different ways […]

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My Exact Script To Calling Online Leads From Facebook [As Easy As 1-2-3]

Closing Online Leads As Easy As 1-2-3
First off… My good friend Jessica Higdon is having a really cool training tonight.  Catch her next one….  Right Here

Before I get into all that jazz.  I want you to know online lead generation can be quite cool.

It’s actually pretty dang simple.

But I know with all the people I talk to…

Closing Online Leads As Easy As 1-2-3

It’s actually closing […]

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Exactly How She Put 50 People On A Webinar With Facebook Groups

She is good.  Her name is my amazing girl friend also known as Felicia Mupo.

I like to call her the Facebook groups queen!

The girl put over 50 people on a webinar in 1 single night!

How She Made Over $1,100 In 1 Single Night With Facebook Groups
What can I say.

She is way way better than me.


Here is how the story went down.

She wanted to make some […]

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3 Online Lead Generation Secrets That I Used To Recruit 2 New Reps

This week I actually recruited 2 new reps for my company!

Pretty cool really.  Online lead generation really works great.

It’s actually something you could totally do as well.  Super easy.

I just thought I would share it with you.



But 1st… Get registered for the next webinar from my friend (Facebook Queen) Jessica Higdon.

The Secrets Of Online Lead Generation On Facebook
The other day… well on Monday…

I think.  Heck […]

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3 Unreal Ways Jessica Higdon Changed The Course Of My Career

Wow… Do I remember.

I remember chatting with her for the 1st time.  Jessica Higdon was amazing to me!

At first – I was mad.  I wanted to talk to Ray.

You know.  (The Dude)

But after all…  Jessica calls all the leads.

Just in case you were wondering…  She is doing a webinar – FREE TRAINING on how she crushed social media and created 10k a month.

Click on the […]

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Why Online Lead Generation Is Like Tying Your Shoes

I know it sounds bonkers… Right?

Tying your shoes and online lead generation.  In fact…

There are multiple different reasons… But the cool thing is you should get my next FREE TRAINING all about online lead generation so you don’t struggle anymore!
Online Lead Generation Like Tying Shoes… HUH?
Weird right?  Well there are actually several reasons why.

The first one is this.  You can tie your shoes multiple different ways… […]

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Bass Pro Shops Gets Attraction Marketing Right! [Good Story Here]

Wow!  They are good.  When it comes to attraction marketing.

First off, Bass Pro Shops is a pretty sick (that means good for you country boys like me).

But… Wow… First class joint for sure.

We are headed back to Montana for Thanksgiving but won’t be there for Christmas.

This means some Christmas shopping was going on at Bass Pro Shops.

Shopping For My Dad & Attraction Marketing
It was pretty […]

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3 Solid Ways To Generate MLM Leads From Your Social Media Marketing Plan

So… you want to get mlm leads in your business…

That is for sure.  Remember… A lead is anybody who raises their hand and wants to know more about what you do.

Do you have a social media marketing plan?

If so… You need to listen up.

In this post… I share with you 2 different stories where I recruited people into my company today.
Your Social Media Marketing Plan… […]

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How To Be Happy Like Dora The Explorer

Man, I have been in a mood lately.

We are sitting in the airport today headed to San Fransisco on our way to Carmel-By-The-Sea, California.

Man, I love that name!

Anyhow… More about that trip tomorrow.  How to be happy today!
How To Be Happy Like Dora
But I wanted to touch base and tell you I have just been in a bad mood lately.

Have you ever been there?

And today […]

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Starting Your Own Business Successfully Is Impossible Without These 3 Easy Strategies

I think a lot of us get thrown into starting your own business.Or so we think we are doing that.  Here is the real deal.  If we are in network marketing, affiliate marketing or any of that jazz, we don’t see the real business side of things.

Trust me… I was there too.  But if you are going to succeed in business, there are 5 strategies […]

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