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Episode 54 – How Babe Ruth Relates To Network Marketing Success

Are you afraid of striking out like Babe Ruth did in your network marketing company?  Well, of course, the rest of the story is all about how many home runs he hit.

It is kinda like your network marketing success.  If I were to give you any network marketing success secrets it would be to be more like Babe.

I will teach you all about this in […]

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Episode 53 – How To Be A Good Leader When Showing Up Isn’t Enough

Would you like to learn how to be a good leader?  Like the ins and outs of getting your team mates and people around you to totally CRUSH it?

Well that is what todays blog and video below is all about.

You need to discover what true leadership is all about and it starts with YOU.

What makes a good leader is one who does what he says […]

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Episode 52 – How Achieving Goals Is Easier With Pain Than Pleasure

Are you sick of not achieving goals in your life?  Is it getting tiring?

Well today, I will actually teach you why you have been looking at things completely WRONG & why it is not your fault!

You are simply looking at your goals completely wrong and perception has got you all mixed up.

Seriously, most teach about achieving career goals in the complete wrong way.

It is a […]

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A Mic Into Our Day With Ray Higdon

Have you ever wished you could have an entire day working with a top earner?  Like your idol?  We got to do that with Ray Higdon yesterday.

It was simply one of the greatest, challenging, rewarding days of my life.

I want to share with you today all of the things I learned yesterday and let you come on a journey with me.

Ray Higdon simply sets the […]

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Episode 51 – Network Marketing Tips To Ask The Perfect Question

Network marketing tips are easy to be found.  But you have to wonder if they are true or not.

I am going to teach you the absolute best question you can ever ask in network marketing.

Seriously… You think I could do that… right?

You think there is 1 network marketing tip kind of question?

Think again…
Network Marketing Tips – The Best Question
You really thought I would be able […]

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Episode 49 – Becoming An Entrepreneur – It’s Not What You Think

When becoming an entrepreneur it seems so easy.  It seems like you just go to event after event just looking to learn more tactics and strategies.

What you don’t understand…

Is that it’s not tactics that hit you the hardest.  Most times you don’t see what will impact you most.

This is why you MUST keep your mind open.

This is what todays post is all about!  Becoming an […]

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Episode 47 – Ray Higdon – Don’t Cut The Cord That Feeds You

A few weeks back we ventured to Florida once again for Ray Higdon and Speak Your Team Rich.

This post is all about not cutting the cord that feeds you!

If this is where you money comes from… Make sure you never cut it!

Listen up… Ray Higdon knows what he’s talking about folks!

The 9 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Facebook That Are Driving People AWAY From […]

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Episode 48 – Robert Hollis – I Don’t Have The Money

Robert Hollis is an amazing dude.

He’s made almost 48 – 49 million in the network marketing industry.

He is one of the most down to earth dudes I have ever met!

And he is so amazingly willing to help!

Watch the video below for more!

The 9 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Facebook That Are Driving People AWAY From You…
CLICK HERE To Find Out Why

Terry Gremaux & Felicia […]

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Episode 46 – Overcoming Fear With Tony Robbins Is Easy With These Simple Steps

Fear can be simple to overcome if you let it.  Seriously…  I learned how to overcome fear from Tony Robbins and I want to re-teach that process to you.


Because if I don’t…  You will NEVER get what you want.  Fear will overtake you and everything you want to accomplish.

It’s simple…  Yet if you don’t know what drives you like I learned from Tony Robbins, YOU […]

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Episode 45 – Lisa Grossmann & Her Simple 3 Step Approach

One of my favorite people on this planet in the network marketing space is Lisa Grossmann.  Every time I see her I think about her amazing story.

She is simply amazing and incredible!  Why?

Because she came up with a simple 3 step approach to recruiting.

It works so well it is crazy.
Click Here to Grab My 6-Figure Daily Routine (F.REE Report & Video Walk Through)
Lisa Grossmann And […]

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Episode 44 – Why You’re Selfish If You Don’t Earn The Right To Tell Your Story

Before I get started today.  This may make some people mad.  But you are simply selfish if you’re not telling your story.

The problem is… People do not want to hear a rags to rags story.  They are not interested.

That is the bottom line.

So you simply have to wait your turn and earn the right to tell your story.  People want to hear all the crap […]

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Episode 43 – How To Visualize When You’ve Lost Your Ability To Dream

I have a really good friend that told me she had lost her ability to dream and how to visualize.  I am telling you what.  If you’ve completely lost your ability to dream…

You can gain it back.  And today I will teach you how to visualize what you want so you can get it!

You know what I mean?  So listen up and make sure you […]

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Episode 42 – Ray Higdon – You Don’t Know Who’s Watching

I gotta tell you. Ray Higdon this past weekend was simply amazing. He is the guy that put the 3 minute expert together along with other things as well.

The dude is simply amazing. One of my best friends, mentors and private coaches.

One this he said and talked about his story this weekend was simply amazing. And it just shocked me into doing what I need […]

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Episode 41 – Ray Higdon – Notes From “Speak Your Team Rich #1”

Felicia stars in todays video and yes I know she is better!  But recently we went to Ray Higdon’s event called “Speak Your Team Rich!”

I am telling you! If you haven’t gotten to an event from Ray Higdon.  I suggest you go.  It was kinda nutty!

Pretty amazing material and it is never the point of the event when you get your biggest breakthrough.

This one was […]

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Episode 40 – The Think And Grow Rich Mastermind Advantage

Today is kinda a crazy day.  Awhile back we did a really cool mastermind.

One of the coolest think and grow rich principles is the mastermind advantage.

I am going to add some cool quotes in here as well but listen to the video down below to what the girls had to say.

I think you will get a ton out of their comments!

Think & Grow Rich Mastermind […]

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Episode 39 – How To Get Out Of Your Own Way To Find Success

Do you want success?  No… Seriously!  If you truly want success, you need to understand something really powerful.

You need to get out of your own way.  It is simply the only way you can win.  The difference between the success and the people that fail is so stinkin’ small.

No joke.  You are so close just by reading this blog.  It is that good!

And I am […]

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Episode 38 – Guarentee Freedom With These Keys To Success

I wish I could put a spell over you to guarantee your freedom with these keys to success!  Why?  Because you absolutely DESERVE to be FREE!

If you spent 1 day of freedom… You would do whatever I told you to do… Trust me!

Today… I am going to give you some keys to success in business and if followed you will absolutely crush your business in […]

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The 1 Reason Why Your I Am Affirmations Are Not Bringing You Riches

Have you sat around writing affirmations day after day and not had them do anything?

Well there is a way to write “I am affirmations” and a way not to.  In fact, it’s not in the writing at all.  It’s in what you do after the writing is over.

No joke.  You need to understand why your affirmations are not working for you!

You deserve to hear this […]

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