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Episode 60 – Closing Techniques Of The Rich & Famous

 I remember – back in the day – when I first started in sales.  I absolutely HATED the word selling.  It was grimy and dirty to me.  It was the slicked back, sharp dressed, smooth talking car sales guy that always talked you into selling something you didn’t want.

That was my view of sales people.  Today, I am going to share with you my best […]

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Episode 59 – Steps On Finding A Mentor That’s Right For You

You KNOW that a finding a mentor can take you the the Next Level in your business, right?

But have you wondered “How do I find a perfect mentor take can AND will help me achieve all those goals I have written down?” Be honest … have you been there? Yeah, I know … We all have been seeking that solid guiding light on our business path.

The choices […]

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Episode 58 – Why Lebron James & Tiger Woods Are So Great

When you think about people that are great I think about Lebron James & Tiger Woods.  Not because of anything else but mastery of craft.

It is that simple.  If you want to be great, the easiest thing to do is mimic amazing people.

No matter what the personal life challenges or off the court stuff that happens — when you look at Tiger Woods & Lebron […]

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The 48 Million Dollar Man Robert Hollis Interviews ME

One of my favorite people on this planet is Robert Hollis.  He has taught me so much in this short time we have known each other.  But I am telling you.  A first class dude!

Both of us being from Montana  we connected on a pretty deep level.  This dude absolutely rocks.
Why Robert Hollis Is One Of The Most Amazing Man I Have Ever Met
The dude […]

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Episode 57 – How To Influence People To Buy Your Product

Would you like to know how to influence people into buying your product?  Then absolutely LOVING you after the fact?

I hope so!  How would it feel knowing you could influence anybody to do anything you wanted them to?  Would that feel powerful?

The first  thing you need to understand is…  Influencing people isn’t bad.  You can use it for bad things if you want to.  But […]

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Episode 56 – How To Succeed In Business

Do you seriously want to know how to succeed in business?  No… Really do you?

I need to make sure because I am going to talk about something super powerful for you today.  But the simplicity of what I may talk about may have you turn and run.

Remember…  What you know to do is equal to your bank account.  It’s that simple.  It seriously is that […]

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Episode 55 – One Of The BEST Productive Things To do For Success

Of course, we as entrepreneurs need to have productive things to do if we want to take our businesses to the next level.

Do you want to know what you should do to do to be more productive?

I will share with you that today.  But I want you to understand that it isn’t what you think it is.

And it is about simplicity – not doing more […]

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