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David Bain & Digital Marketing Radio Interviews The Hashtag Hunter

I am super excited about this right here with Digital Marketing Radio!  We happened to start a series of interviews to have people interview me.  I have a crazy cool story and I want to impact thousands!

I love this guy David Bain with Digital Marketing Radio and we have a super cool fun interview regarding Twitter.  But what’s in this interview that will benefit you?

If […]

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Magic Headlines & The Major Difference In Engagement On Facebook

Doesn’t it just frankly make you angry enough to scream when you see people you deem as “not as good as you” get all the engagement on Facebook?

I know it did and does for me.  Like, what the hell.  What are they doing that I just don’t know?

Why do “they” get 50 comments on something so stupid… But I can’t get anyone to comment.  I […]

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How To Strive For Greatness With Absolute Certainty

Yes, that’s right.  I said strive for greatness with absolute certainty.  Absolute certainty of results and of where you will be in 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years.  Do you have certainty or are you controlled by fear?  That is ultimately the question.

Striving for greatness is fine and dandy but it can’t be even close to possible with fear involved.  In fact, this […]

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