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       . . . It’s simply our passion. Our heart-beat. Our life together.

And bottom line – you get to reap the incredible credits, the rich rewards.

      Yes, honestly, thankfully, we’ve become quite adept at training entrepreneurs to see their home businesses catapult forward.


We’ve developed and leveraged all the best, ridiculously easy, FREE social media strategies that are tested and proven to really work for you.


And out of it all, you get the best storyline possible:


  • You finally get to breathe easy and break free as you learn what really works – and what doesn’t — to build engagement and


  • You can now end the frustration of finding leads, overcoming objections, converting sales, and building your down-line.


  • You can get focused on the strategies that make all the difference in your life and home business.


  • And — cutting to the chase — you can finally stop spinning your wheels . . . and actually catch your dreams.


Hi, my name is Terry Gremaux (pronounced Grew-moe),


  • And yes, while I’m so thrilled to have become known globally as the leading social media trainer for entrepreneurs . . .social media marketing


  • And yes, while I’ve climbed on stage with top industry-leaders, including Mike Dillard, Kevin Harrington, Brian Fanale, Peter Montoya & Russ Whitney,


  • And certainly, while I’ve been seen on networks like ABC, NBC, Fox,& CBS . . .



It’s actually been you –

the home business owner with big dreams and bold desires –

who is really the true headliner, the star of the story.



And now together with my partner in business and life, Felicia Mupo–

 social media marketing

–Along with our amazing

“creative and support crew”–


We are so thrilled to become

Your “One-Stop Resource” for

Home Business Success.

social media marketing


5 Ways Our World-Renowned Training Is Always Ready . . .

  1. To help you master not only the epic power of Facebook (like with our runaway best-seller, Facebook Simplified, for example), but also . . .


  1. To tame the tremendous tenacity of Twitter, the lasting force of LinkedIn, the surprising capability of Craigslist, and more,

social media marketing     3. To Break through Barriers in mindset & daily routine through our elite                  coaching services and webinars,

4. To define your market and create your perfect branding strategy,

5. To build your best website, with striking visuals, vital videos                                    professional copywriting . . .


And that’s just the first chapter!

But as we help you write your story,

Would you first like the full scoop, the total buzz,

About Felicia and me?

social media marketing

Like how did this introverted, small-town guy




this sparkly and smart, big-city girl


pair up to become —


not only top-earners

(yes, from 35k two years ago to 270k last year and

well over 400k this year) —


but also the “Go-To Resource”


to help you grow your market presence


and business revenue?


Yeah, good question, and here’s another one:


  • How did a guy considered “a failure”–careening through 9 businesses in 7 years–finally see true success and get to climb on stage with the industry’s best? (And I still can’t believe that’s me.)

Well, before I answer, let me ask you a question:


Does your own story includes some hard twists?  Can you remember some of the darkest times of your life?


I can . . . and when I say “dark,” I mean that literally.


Yes, back in Montana in my younger days, I was actually working 80+ hours a week as an underground gold miner. It’s true!


  • My two great kids–Hailey and Hayden–were growing up without me, and the long hours were taking a harsh toll on my family.


  • And then the economy tanked–the value of gold took a drastic plunge–and so did my job.


  • I lost 2/3 of my income–going from 6 figures to less than 30k a year virtually overnight . . .


  • And I found myself living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay my basic bills . . .


  • So I knew I had to make some extreme changes. I had to re-write my future.



Could you benefit from a “script revision” as well?

                      It’s not a mistake…all you’ve endured

                                     has a purpose



If I could give you a plot summary:

There’s purpose in your pain and hope for the future.

I can attest it’s true!


Meanwhile–where was Felicia?


Ah, she was on a bit different track.


Terry:FeliciaAnd I’m so glad she was there

*Attending Loyola University Graduate School of Business in Chicago and *SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas,

*Earning her Master’s Degree in Strategy, Leadership and Entrepreneurism.

*A mouthful–yes; great prep for her future–definitely!


So with a top education . . .


She entered the corporate world to work on the Nestle Worldwide print campaign at a major ad agency, before moving on to JP Morgan Chase, where she traveled the country negotiating new business opportunities.


Sounds incredible, right?


Well, “Not so much,” as Felicia will tell you.


Her life also included sitting in airports, catching regular 6 a.m. flights–when she really just wanted to “be there” for her precious daughter Lexi.


She was trying to commute, perform, and balance her family–the famous not-so-fun “juggling act” . . .


Which eventually prompted her to

                       turn the page and take a bold step.


Yes, she left the corporate boardroom and began scripting a new future, gaining the freedom and lifestyle flexibility she so desired—


Moving on as a network marketing “branding expert,” helping parents everywhere to build their own home businesses–their own stories of new purpose and success . . .


(And she expanded in other significant ways herself as the never-dull, always-moving Barrett arrived on the scene!).


Meanwhile, back in my world,

                              “back at the ranch,”

               I was also switching gears and revising the plot.


Here’s what I did:


  1. I finally got a mentor–someone who could speak into my life the principles, habits, and strategies I so direly needed . . .


  1. I used my introverted nature to my advantage, facing my fears, never backing down, staying focused,




  1. I learned how to effectively drive leads on social media that would eventually take the home business world by storm.



And when Felicia and I met . . . “Yes’s” came flowing in:


–Yes, I knew she was the woman of my dreams, who believed in me more than I ever did–


–Yes, she became both my life and business partner—


–Yes, now it’s amazingly thrilling every day to “do life” with her,


And yes, we’ve found major success.


Felicia and I had been making less than $1000 a month each in home business.  You do the math–it wasn’t much.  But we were learning.


Then we combined forces, got the best training we could find, jumped “all in” to our future . . .


And now,


We’re not only making well over 6 figures, but delighting each day in inviting home business owners to “Join the Story,” to rewrite their futures with us . . .


We’d love to chat with you, to give you the opportunity to ask us some questions . . .


Won’t you contact us–and not miss out–on the truly amazing story planned for you?


We’d love for you to turn the page,

Check out the FREE social media strategies made for you,


And become an amazing home business blockbuster yourself.


       Let Us Make You Our Next Riveting, Rockin’ Success Story


Terry “Always Rockin’ Your Story” Gremaux

 “The World’s Leading Trainer In Social Media For FREE Training”

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