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Why does the phone weight 10,000 pounds and how to make it as light as a feather (so you recruit more reps)

If you could snap your finger to make the fear of the phone go away…Would you?
It was a cold winter day in Montana where the snow was piled up 10 feet high in the middle of the street. I had a dream and was going to fulfill it come hell or high water.
I hated my J.O.B. and wanted out now but I knew the path […]

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NETWORK MARKETERS — Finally, the 3 scripts you MUST have in your recruiting arsenal

How’d you like day 1? Would you like to go deeper to find EXACTLY what to say to your prospects?
I figured I’d bring that to you so you didn’t have any other excuses and you knew exactly what to say to your prospects to have them join you.
This takes me back to dating (I wasn’t very good at it). It’s a good thing that I […]

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7 New & Exciting Ways To Open A Conversation For High Sign-Up-Ability

The Live Recruiting Bootcamp is finally here. You’ll want to pay very close attention to this letter if you want to sign up more reps in your company.
You were on my mind as I was on Vacation. On day 1 — what would I bring to you to create massive value that you encounter every single day recruiting.
It would be like the cure for traffic jams — if you […]

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Leaving Sumilon [PRIVATE ISLAND] Brings Tears

Imagine this…

Are you in your dream state yet???

You wake up to “The Love of Your Life” lying beside you and warm salty air blowing over your body…

You then hear the ocean waves pounding the shore line puts you into a mediation state like listening to Tony Robbins for hours on end.

Then you decide to arise out of bed to sit on your personal deck seeing […]

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Have You Started Your FREE TRIAL Yet?

Oh you didn’t know about it – maybe this subject line has caught your attention…


I’ll be to that in a bit or you can skip to the bottom and click on the link – if you’d like.


But I’ve got to tell you a big, huge SECRET of mine.  I’m sitting here in the Philippines wondering why the heck this average country boy ever made it.


Because […]

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Is Your Husband/Friend Killing Your Dreams?

It was a July day and I was all excited. I’m a guy that was in a relationship with war-like negativity.

To explain… Imagine:

You win your company car – YES, you can do it!


Your sponsor is blowing you up like a celebrity online, on Instagram – really anywhere you go.


You feel like a king who’s just conquered the world and nobody can possibly touch you…


You ask […]

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Philippines Recruiting Adventure

Read this in its entirety so YOU TOO can sometime soon go on an epic, fantastic, breath taking vacation WITH your family…


Not too long ago (2 years) – I was painfully struggling to make ends meet of any kind.


Several months behind on unforgiving bills & a water heater breakdown away from financial disaster.


You’ve been there – or maybe you’re there right now – whatever that situation is in your […]

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New Age Network Marketing Solves Leads Issue

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A 6 Figure Daily Routine You Can Implement Today To Become A Top Earner!

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Personal Facebook Page or Fan Page — Where Do I Post My Content?

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A 6 Figure Daily Routine You Can Implement Today To Become A Top Earner!

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The Silvera’s Tell You Why “Traditional News” Is Important

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A 6 Figure Daily Routine You Can Implement Today To Become A Top Earner!

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Why Facebook Video Is A Must & Step-by-Step Tutorial

It’s so crazy.  I was literally just chatting it up with a guy that I know from social media about Facebook Video.

He is in network marketing and had a conversation with me as I was talking to him about his business and how it was changing the way he would do business.

The topic came up about “I’m not in a internet business”… I said, I’m […]

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Instagram Stories – Be The Star in Your Favorite Movie

Picture your favorite movie of all time?  You know, the one that you’d absolutely love to be a part of (like Instagram stories)…

That movie that takes you on a spin away from reality for a brief time.  For the sake of time… I just watched – Good Will Hunting – and I absolutely loved it.

As I am telling this story for you… I want you […]

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September Debacles Of The Day Planner

September was a month of learning for us and the day planner certainly won.  I should really say me.

If you don’t know the dichotomy between Felicia and I — it’s pretty crazy.  I’m the high school kid that failed english & dropped out of college.

On the contrary – she’s the smart, intelligent, cute, amazing, witty.  Yes, you get it.  She has a masters degree, was […]

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Increase Your Social Media Engagement To Make More Sales

When I think about Social Media Engagement, I think about a few more things than most people.  In fact, my exact feeling is disruption and attention.

See, most all people that are “trying” to get engagement on social media just don’t do it the proper way.  They are doing what everyone else is doing.

The first thing you’ve got to think of in engagement is… How can […]

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The #1 Lie Network Marketing Companies Tell You

It’s pretty dang simple when it comes to network marketing companies.  They worry about them and them ONLY.  You’ve got to understand this very clearly.

No matter if you’re in one of the top 100 network marketing companies or not, they are going to teach you like you’re stupid or naive.  You just have to embrace it.

But the problem is — It will set you up […]

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The Top 7 Reasons People Stop Following YOU On Facebook

It’s very cool to see you here on my blog to hear about Facebook marketing today.  I’ll have to tell you a couple things – I’m direct and point blank a large amount of the time!

Most people out there in the business world are using Facebook for marketing but have no clue that they are driving people AWAY from them.

Let’s face it.  Your personal profile […]

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David Bain & Digital Marketing Radio Interviews The Hashtag Hunter

I am super excited about this right here with Digital Marketing Radio!  We happened to start a series of interviews to have people interview me.  I have a crazy cool story and I want to impact thousands!

I love this guy David Bain with Digital Marketing Radio and we have a super cool fun interview regarding Twitter.  But what’s in this interview that will benefit you?

If […]

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Magic Headlines & The Major Difference In Engagement On Facebook

Doesn’t it just frankly make you angry enough to scream when you see people you deem as “not as good as you” get all the engagement on Facebook?

I know it did and does for me.  Like, what the hell.  What are they doing that I just don’t know?

Why do “they” get 50 comments on something so stupid… But I can’t get anyone to comment.  I […]

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