Why does the phone weight 10,000 pounds and how to make it as light as a feather (so you recruit more reps)

If you could snap your finger to make the fear of the phone go away…Would you?
It was a cold winter day in Montana where the snow was piled up 10 feet high in the middle of the street. I had a dream and was going to fulfill it come hell […]

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NETWORK MARKETERS — Finally, the 3 scripts you MUST have in your recruiting arsenal

How’d you like day 1? Would you like to go deeper to find EXACTLY what to say to your prospects?
I figured I’d bring that to you so you didn’t have any other excuses and you knew exactly what to say to your prospects to have them join you.
This takes me […]

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7 New & Exciting Ways To Open A Conversation For High Sign-Up-Ability

The Live Recruiting Bootcamp is finally here. You’ll want to pay very close attention to this letter if you want to sign up more reps in your company.
You were on my mind as I was on Vacation. On day 1 — what would I bring to you to create massive value that […]

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Leaving Sumilon [PRIVATE ISLAND] Brings Tears

Imagine this…

Are you in your dream state yet???

You wake up to “The Love of Your Life” lying beside you and warm salty air blowing over your body…

You then hear the ocean waves pounding the shore line puts you into a mediation state like listening to Tony Robbins for hours on […]

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Have You Started Your FREE TRIAL Yet?

Oh you didn’t know about it – maybe this subject line has caught your attention…


I’ll be to that in a bit or you can skip to the bottom and click on the link – if you’d like.


But I’ve got to tell you a big, huge SECRET of mine.  I’m sitting […]

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Is Your Husband/Friend Killing Your Dreams?

It was a July day and I was all excited. I’m a guy that was in a relationship with war-like negativity.

To explain… Imagine:

You win your company car – YES, you can do it!


Your sponsor is blowing you up like a celebrity online, on Instagram – really anywhere you go.


You feel […]

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