September Debacles Of The Day Planner

September was a month of learning for us and the day planner certainly won.  I should really say me.

If you don’t know the dichotomy between Felicia and I — it’s pretty crazy.  I’m the high school kid that failed english & dropped out of college.

On the contrary – she’s the […]

Increase Your Social Media Engagement To Make More Sales

When I think about Social Media Engagement, I think about a few more things than most people.  In fact, my exact feeling is disruption and attention.

See, most all people that are “trying” to get engagement on social media just don’t do it the proper way.  They are doing what everyone […]

The #1 Lie Network Marketing Companies Tell You

It’s pretty dang simple when it comes to network marketing companies.  They worry about them and them ONLY.  You’ve got to understand this very clearly.

No matter if you’re in one of the top 100 network marketing companies or not, they are going to teach you like you’re stupid or naive. […]

The Top 7 Reasons People Stop Following YOU On Facebook

It’s very cool to see you here on my blog to hear about Facebook marketing today.  I’ll have to tell you a couple things – I’m direct and point blank a large amount of the time!

Most people out there in the business world are using Facebook for marketing but have […]