Magic Headlines & The Major Difference In Engagement On Facebook

Doesn’t it just frankly make you angry enough to scream when you see people you deem as “not as good as you” get all the engagement on Facebook?

I know it did and does for me.  Like, what the hell.  What are they doing that I just don’t know?

Why do “they” […]

How To Strive For Greatness With Absolute Certainty

Yes, that’s right.  I said strive for greatness with absolute certainty.  Absolute certainty of results and of where you will be in 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years.  Do you have certainty or are you controlled by fear?  That is ultimately the question.

Striving for greatness is fine and […]

The 1-2-3 Step Process For Leads On Craigslist

Just to be really clear with you…  Leads on Craigslist are not my specialty but a few weeks ago a buddy gave me a call and he’s an expert.

He is incredible when it comes to writing ads and such.  I thought I’d take you into his mind with Craigslist and […]

4 Crazy Ways To Getting Unstuck In Life

If you are sitting here in life wondering about getting unstuck & if you should keep going or quit, stay tuned because I’ve been there.  If you think “Is this all there is” – read on because this blog post is for you.

You see, I think a lot of us […]

6 New Eye Opening Ways To Get New Friends Using Facebook Marketing – Episode 68

Sitting there trying to get your game face on and wondering how in the heck to get new friends using Facebook Marketing?  I completely get ya and know why you are so flipping concerned and why you are frustrated beyond all get out!

I completely understand the deal.  If you’ve never […]