How To Use Social Recruiting From Twitter To Find Product Users

Today I want to talk to you about social recruiting on Twitter and why it is so critical to your prospecting efforts.

Number 1, the cool thing about Twitter, it’s literally the only place on Internet land, on social recruiting land where you can actually have a conversation with somebody that’s not a friend of yours, that’s not connected with you. On LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a place where […]

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How Do You Use Twitter To Recruit Team Members

Today, we’re going to talk about Twitter and how do you use Twitter to literally crush your business, bring more product users into your network marketing company. Here’s the deal guys. I’m telling you the bottom line is this.

Twitter is one of the only places, in fact it might be the only place where you can get into a conversation that you’re having with somebody that […]

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How To Use Twitter For Business To Recruit Customers

I love Twitter but most don’t understand how they can use it for business.  Right?  When it comes to how to use Twitter for business it is all about customers and getting in front of your customers on Twitter.

I will teach you how to recruit more customers on Twitter in this post.

How To Use Twitter For Business A Beginner’s Guide
Twitter is just a different animal than […]

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3 Secret Tips On How To Use Twitter For Maximum Effectiveness

Do you want to use twitter effectively?  If you want to know how to use Twitter effectively… Stay Tuned.

Most people a are either scared or they just don’t know Twitter 101.  I will share that with you in this post.

Twitter 101 – How To Use Twitter For Beginners
First off, Lions Den Marketing Class tonight @ 9 EST!

How to get 21+ leads in 10 minutes or […]

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How To Use Twitter Ads To Dominate Your Niche

I am super excited for you to learn about twitter ads!  Its been such a joy.

Twitter advertising has really catered to the advertiser.  It is really fun.

Using Twitter Ads To Dominate Your Niche
First of all, Monday Night @ 9 EST – Twitter Marketing Lions Den Class – Register Here

I will be teaching everything I know about twitter ads & prospecting on twitter!  It will be […]

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How To Use Twitter Marketing Twitter Advertising To Skyrocket Your Business

When it comes to marketing, 1 of my favorite methods is twitter marketing.

There are so many cool things you can do with twitter advertising it is crazy.  It is kinda like twitter is catering to advertiser.

It is super cool!

My Twitter Marketing Strategy – A – Z
First off.. I am doing a webinar tomorrow night on how to become a Social Media Celebrity.  I highly suggest […]

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