digital marketing radioI am super excited about this right here with Digital Marketing Radio!  We happened to start a series of interviews to have people interview me.  I have a crazy cool story and I want to impact thousands!

I love this guy David Bain with Digital Marketing Radio and we have a super cool fun interview regarding Twitter.  But what’s in this interview that will benefit you?

If you’re into Twitter and want to use automation in your business — you’ll want to listen & read to the following blog post to understand the course of business and exactly how you can use Twitter in your business!

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David Bain & Digital Marketing Radio

From the moment I got on the show with this amazing dude — I knew it would be a blast.  In fact, I remember laughing a joking about football (he’s an aussie) about it in the show.  But mainly we focused on Twitter marketing and how it would effect your business.

If you’d like to listen to the Digital Marketing Radio interview — feel free to CLICK HERE to head on over there!

But let me let you in on a few secrets.  The crazy thing about all this jazz is automation on Twitter is a REAL thing and Twitter makes it really easy to have this happen.  Like I told Digital Marketing Radio – You can automate everything you do on Twitter to have more leads in less time!

One of my favorite quotes I said during this interview was… “The dream is FREE but the hustle is sold separately” Terry J Gremaux

What this really means…

What I really mean by this… Is it’s easy to dream, it’s easy to see where you want to go.  But it’s flippin’ hard to get it done.  Hustle is an art that has been completely lost and you’d better have it going on if you expect to win in this market.

I’m not good at to much out there.  But if me and you get on a treadmill – I’ll outwork you.  I’ll go longer than you.  I will beat you and that’s the way I run my life.

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