marketing on instagramI get this question all the time!  So, I thought I would answer it.

Does marketing on Instagram really work?  All I see is scammers there Terry.  I have had these conversations with some big marketers.

And if it works… How & what do I do?

Marketing on Instagram The Easy Way

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In all your marketing just like your Instagram marketing strategy, I want you to think about doing the opposite of everyone else.

I am going to tell you what to do in this post but more so, I want you to learn how to think.

What does everyone else do on Instagram?

Answer:  Scam, money, car stuff.  NOT VALUE…

So what do I do.  I am consistent with posting value!

This is the best way you can get fast Instagram followers.

Be consistent with value.  You want to give value each and every day.

So what is value?

marketing on instagram info1. Inspirational pictures.  Maybe you on stage or at an event with those types of people.  Or you hitting a new rank.  Inspiration no spam!

2. Value.  Anything that will help somebody!  Your blog.  I take a screen shot of my blog and post it on Instagram as part of my Instagram marketing strategy.

3. Videos.  Post videos that answer a question for people in your target market.  This is absolutely HUGE.

You see just be consistent doing the things nobody else does makes you a rock star.

Build An Audience

You will hear me preach and preach on this subject here in the future starting now.

You need to build an audience everywhere you go on social media.  That is what it is about.

Instagram marketing is no different.  You need to focus on the audience you are building.

If you are consistent and build an amazing audience you will have people buying stuff from you daily.

Marketing on Instagram works as I detail in this video!

Let me know below.  Will this help you get more leads in your business from marketing on Instagram?  Or at least help you do better in your business?



Terry Gremaux & Felicia Mupo


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