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It’s so crazy.  I was literally just chatting it up with a guy that I know from social media about Facebook Video.

He is in network marketing and had a conversation with me as I was talking to him about his business and how it was changing the way he would do business.

The topic came up about “I’m not in a internet business”… I said, I’m sorry but… If you’re not in your online in your business on social media… You might as well not be in business.

It’s not about you.  It’s about your customer.  Your customer is constantly consuming information on a daily basis from Facebook.  Your customer rolls over in bed and looks at their Facebook newsfeed first.  It is what it is…

Therefore, if you choose to bury your head in the sand then you’ll absolutely lose and your prospect will watch my video.  In this blog post, I’m going to teach you EXACTLY why video is critical and then why you need to pay attention NOW!

Facebook Video & The Future of Marketing

It’s pretty dang simple.  The industry and the landscape of Facebook has changed to Facebook Live Video and if you’re not doing it… Then, you’ll miss out.

A couple of reasons why…

  1. The Facebook Algorithm…
  2. Your customer wants it…

Zuckerburg & Facebook wants video because the customer wants it.  It drives engagement 10-fold because we are all lazy.  Yes, you’re lazy too.  If you can just watch a video – heck, most of you didn’t even read this did you…

Your customer or potential customer wants you to create your own reality T.V. show with video.  And the easiest way to do this is with Facebook Video.  It’s so simple.

Social media marketing is all about commanding attention bottom line.  Commanding attention 100% of the time.  Stealing attention from everyone else on the planet.

This way prospect stay in your grill and when it’s time to buy — you’re the dude or the chickadee.  It’s simple – do Facebook video or lose customer to guys like me.

The Best Way To Do Facebook Video

The absolute best way to do video is simply the best way – raw and real.  I want you to think what you like.  Do you like the coffee shop meeting where it seems real or the real polished stuff?

If you’re like most people you like the contrary…  You like it raw and real… You like it when you don’t know whats coming… That’s what you like.

So, here is what you do…  You have an idea about today and so you turn your phone on and start talking like you’re talking to me in a coffee shop…

Treat them like people.  Do these few things…

  1. Introduce yourself — you have no way of knowing if you have new people on (highly likely)
  2. Give them content
  3. Call to action – what will you have them do afterwards

It’s really that simple.  Do it now…. Follow me on Facebook so you can see me do it live… I give you a step by step tutorial in my new course called Facebook Simplified and you can see that here…

Then go do a video of your own… Tell your peeps to comment below…

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