So I was sitting at a Halloween party masterminding with my buddy Mark Harbert.  Do you know this guy?  Dude is one of the most amazing dude’s I know…. Seriously.  He ranks right up there with Ray Higdon.

Anyhow, back to the story…  Having a blast and talking marketing with the VIDEO KING….  Like in this picture…  “Please Don’t Judge” haha

So Let’s Get To The Content

So Mark is one of the best guys in the world.  Always gives so much content.

So we are sitting there chatting talking about video.  He starts to tell me how many leads he is getting with video.  We are talking about 50 plus a day!!!  I mean CRAZY!

He also shared with me how to do video well.  So I wanted to share with you.  He told me be human, be yourself, be fun, be like you’re talking to 1 person not the crowd.

I asked the question, Why Video?  Without missing a beat, Mark says…  Dude, you have a relationship built before you even talk on the phone.  And the guy is right.  So I said okay, I guess I need to teach my peeps video marketing.

So he told me video is simple.  It is 4 simple steps or parts and never go over 3 minutes…  I like to talk…. this was hard… lol

First, Introduce yourself…  Hi my name is… from wherever….

Second, tell them the question you will answer.  Like why should I stay on your video.  Like…  Have you ever wanted to get more engagement on your Facebook page.

Third, is all about delivering value.  You guys and girls see me do this each and every day.  So it shouldn’t be a shock.  But deliver what you told them.

Fourth, you need to give a call to action.  What would you like them to do?

I said.  Okay Mark.  What if you don’t have a capture page or a blog?

He said… send them to your email or have them comment on your Facebook to reach out.  Super Simple!

And then he dropped the BOMB!

He said.. ya know.. I have a 3 video series for FREE your peeps could take advantage of….

Here is Video 1 of the Series….  Go Check It Out…..

Here is a video I did today all about how to do your FIRST video….

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To your abundance,

Terry Gremaux


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