how to make money on InstagramAre you wanting to get free leads using Instagram?  You need to pay attention then.  It is critical.

I am going to show you in this blog how to make money on Instagram the easy way!

How to Make Money on Instagram The Easy Way

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If you want to make money on Instagram you have to do what nobody else does.

Or look at what the other people do on Instagram and do the opposite.

So the question is…

What are people doing WRONG on Instagram?

1.  They flash checks.

2. Never have any value.

3. They spam people into their deal.

4. They are always taking pictures of their product.

how to make money on instagram

5. It goes on and on.

If you want to make money on Instagram…

You need to give value.  Post things of value.

Things that better other people’s lives.

You may think this is your product, but its not.

You need to give them value through a picture with words potentially.

3 Tips on How to Make Money Online With Instagram

1. Don’t spam, give value.  Let people know about a video or blog you have written.

Or send a picture that brightens their day.  You know what I mean.

2. Put appropriate hashtags on the post.  So if you are talking about #FacebookMarketing don’t hashtag it fitness.

It doesn’t make sense.

3. Tell a story through pictures.  The easiest way to make money on Instagram is to tell your story through pictures.

This will have people wanting your life.  It is actually pretty simple.  Just do it!

4. Consistency is KING.  You need to understand if you don’t, that in order to build an audience you need to be consistent.

You need to be consistent day in and day out.  This is absolutely the name of the game.

And Finally…

5. Build an audience – think longterm.  Think about building an audience and giving them value.

If you do this and build an audience your outlook changes.

I hope this helps you make money online with Instagram and you may want to check out this webinar.

Let me know below.  Will this help you get more leads in your business from Instagram?  Or at least help you do better in your business?



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