I am at a leadership retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado at Beaver Run Resort.  Amazing place by the way.  Just having an absolute blast!  We learned some amazing network marketing tips at our meeting/event last night around recruiting.

But the biggest breakthrough I have had has been totally about something that might really shock you.  You see I have had some amazing time with my mentor Ray Higdon.  I had a mental block about associating pain with recruiting…  I think you’ll enjoy!

Network Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Life

Way cool right.  I will get vulnerable about myself in thisnetwork marketing tips blog post totally.  It will really shed some light and hopefully help you a ton.  I will promise you will get a ton of value from my mistakes.

You see, what you need to understand is all of us do things to get away from pain or to gain pleasure.  So I was actually doing something I see a ton of talented people doing.  That is associating pain with recruiting.

Here is what I mean by that.  Since most of my team wasn’t doing anything, I thought subconsciously that every person that came into my business would be the exact same way.  Sound familiar?

So I was self sabotaging myself by not recruiting hardly anyone because I didn’t want to feel pain.  I thought, why recruit, it’s painful right.  If you’re completely honest with yourself, you will realize that you probably have been through this.

How To Fix The Problem

Fixing the problem can be difficult, but really it’s easy.  Here is what you do.  You focus on the new people on your team.  As long as they have a system.  As long as you plug them into the training.  As long they have access to you and you try to help them.

That’s on them.  You need to spend your time working with or finding people that want to run.  That want to go hard.  That are willing.  And you need to spend your time recruiting new people.  Bottom line.

That way you will attach happiness and want to do it more.  You will want to recruit more people because at the end of the day…  It is not your fault at all.  It is not your fault that they are not coach-able.  Go find someone who is.  Maybe it is not the right time for them.

Did me getting vulnerable help you today?  Hope so!  Comment and tag you’re friends if it did!

Here is a video I did all about network marketing tips for you.  Enjoy!

Was that cool at all?  Did you get value?  You can live the lifestyle of your dreams, you can!  I believe in you!  You deserve success and if you liked this…  Know that I can help you get there!  Have an incredible day!

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To your abundance,

Terry Gremaux


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