instagram marketingI am always searching for ways to do more and get free leads.  Isn’t that what we are all searching for?

So I want to teach you all about Instagram Marketing to get free leads & crush your company.

Instagram Marketing Secrets to Get You Leads On Demand

First off, because of the demand and that you guys wanted it…

I have decided to put an incredible webinar together all about Instagram marketing.  Click Here to register.

Let me give you a few tips to really help you out.

1. Your profile.  I know this may seem elementary but for Instagram marketing success you absolutely HAVE TO have a good profile.

I suggest you pick your name as your user name and let people know who you are.

In your profile you want somebody to know who you are serving.  Just like in Facebook.

Ask yourself if you hit Instagram if you know what problems you solve.  If you don’t know who you serve, others wont know either.

2. Have your website in your profile.  You need to have your website in your blog.

You need to have something of value.

NOT your company website.  A blog, YouTube channel or Facebook account.

That way people can connect with you with Instagram marketing tips for business.

instagram marketing3. Post things of value.  You need to post posts of value.

Something that will increase the value of your target market.

Ask yourself if they would get value.  In the description tell them to go back to your profile.

As long as you do this, you will connect to way way more people.

4. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags.  You need to hashtag your post with appropriate hashtags.

Think of hashtags as keywords or categories.

You see, people search for categories.

In my webinar coming up I am going to give you a way to absolutely CHEAT with hashtags!

So CLICK HERE to get registered.

Here is a really cool video on my Instagram marketing strategy.

Let me know below.  Will this Instagram marketings help you get more leads in your business?  Or at least help you do better in your business?



Terry Gremaux & Felicia Mupo


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