jessica1Jessica Higdon has been an amazing person in my life and quite frankly a savor in many ways. Without her and her husband, there is no question I would not be full time right now and I for sure would not of had the success I have had with Social Media Recruiting!

So I am in an amazing mastermind with Ray And Jessica Higdon for 12 months. One of the biggest things I get out of the mastermind is learning with Jessica and Ray learn from their coaches. In fact, they just hired another one. Just amazing.

If you don’t know anything about Jessica….. She took a business solely on Facebook to 10k/month in 18 month’s. Just amazing! So when it comes to social media recruiting, she is amazing!

Last night we were really talking about engagement on your fan page and personal page. And Jessica Higdon has a formula that works wonders!

The Formula For Great Success With Social Media Recruiting

Here is a great 5 step blueprint I put together for you.

For really good social media recruiting, you need to be consistent. So one of the things I will tell you is like anything that is the hard part. That’s the part that will make you or break you. So the posting formula I am going to give you, you need to do it consistently…. each and EVERY day!

3 Images — Lifestyle, product, Quote

  • Lifestyle can be travel pictures, Can be behind the scenes recruiting pictures, events, top earner pictures from convention… Think outside the box!
  • Product can be your product pictures, testimonial pictures, can be vision pictures of where your going…. can be a lot of different stuff
  • Quotes…. of course this is easy… but you can either share them or create your own –

social media recruiting3 Inspirational posts

  • Amazing things you can do…. Post stuff you got done so far in the day, post your to-do list, post inspiration messages and/or video’s…. so much you can do right here… take a quote and post what you really feel… or your opinion….

2 Random Questions

  • let your audience be apart of your life. Let them help you decide on things… ask them questions… your engagement will go through the roof!
  • aka…. what color couch should I get…. this color or that color….
  • i mean that kind of stuff….

2 Resources

  • this is value…. so either your content OR someone else’s content.
  • share value with your people….

I really hope this helped. I will promise you if you do as Jessica Higdon suggests your engagement will go through the ROOF!

By the way…. If your having trouble recruiting from FB I suggest you pick up Jessica’s course… That I am also in…. It changed my Life… CHECK IT OUT HERE….

Here is a video I put together for you guys about Jessica Higdon and How to be great at social media recruiting

Did you get value? Did that help you at all? I really really hope that it did! Remember doing it every day is the ultimate key that you can ever do!

Comment Below on what your biggest takeaway was!

Does this help you with your Facebook marketing?  Let me know your thoughts below!


To your abundance,

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