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Just to be really clear with you…  Leads on Craigslist are not my specialty but a few weeks ago a buddy gave me a call and he’s an expert.

He is incredible when it comes to writing ads and such.  I thought I’d take you into his mind with Craigslist and tell you the ins and out of this great platform to get leads for your company.

I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly with Craigslist and why you should or shouldn’t use it.  Enjoy!

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Leads On Craigslist Right For You?

A couple things you absolutely HAVE to understand about Craigslist.  You’re gonna have some sucky stuff that happens.  It just is what it is.  You have to understand that Craigslist is user controlled.  Anyone can stroll by an ad and mark it spam or “I don’t want to see this”.

You have to deal with accounts and ads getting blocked.  It’s just a thing of Craigslist.  But at the same time, you can get a ton of leads from that medium.

On top of that, you’ll have to get good a writing ads.  But you can certainly do that.  While getting leads on Craigslist you need to take anything “network marketing” related out of your ad.  No work from home or home business language.  This will set off a major red flag.

First Thing Is First On Craigslist

Headlines are KEY.  You need to pick something that will grab somebodies attention.  Be different.  Be interesting.  What would catch you attention?

Pick a headline that will make your head turn and make someone click on the ad.  If you don’t get a click you’ll never ever get a lead.

The next thing is writing the ad.  Remember you’ll want to have NO MAKE MONEY language.  You want to think about the pains of your target market.  What are the people that you are going after going through?  What is on their mind?

Walk a day in your prospects shoes and write the ad based on that.  If they continue going down the road they are currently walking on – what will happen?  Don’t talk about how amazing your company is and all that jazz.  Don’t be an amateur.

Don’t do that.  What are the major pains your prospect is going through?  This how you get leads from anywhere but Craigslist for sure.

Now, head over to Craigslist and if you want more info about posting ads to get leads on Craigslist — This video should help out!

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