You see… Success in business comes with a few things that aren’t sexy. And you have to know that going in. A really really good friend of mine – Ray Higdon had his YouTube account attacked with negativity and made him move his video’s elsewhere.

Most people look at this in a very negative way. But me… I look at this in a positive light. Crazy right. You see if Ray wasn’t having success in business nobody would throw rocks at him. Try to make him mad or tear him down.

What You Need To Understand About Success

1 big thing you need to understand about success in anything is, if you do something on a Tropical-Palm-Beach-Wallpaper-HD-Beach-Wallpapersbig big level people will try to tear you down. It happens everywhere, it happens every day. You need to know this going in.

There are people out there in the world that are unwilling to take action to create success in business so they decide they will just try to take it away from someone else…. Almost like a criminal mindset. They will put much much effort into that. Don’t worry. Success in business has way way more upsides to is than downsides…..

What To Do About It

So the question is… what should I do about it…. Well keep putting value out there in your marketplace. It create’s way better stuff than bad. Don’t worry about that too much. But you may decide – like myself – that you are going to be that guy someday soon.

If your mindset about success in business is already at millionaire status and your habits back that up…. Then you might prepare yourself for whats going to happen. Maybe you don’t use YouTube anymore because it’s FREE and there are literally no regulations about flagging someone like Ray on purpose.

I am not saying, but I am saying that all my video’s will be hosted from now on on Vimeo. It’s nothing against YouTube by the way. It’s about learning a lesson from my mentor and not having to go through that because I know it WILL happen.

Coach-Ability At It’s Finest

You See…. you always need to be coach-able bottom line…. This is another instance where I become Coach-able because I study Ray. I follow what he does to a T. So I know good and bad… What he gets, I will get as well. Don’t ignore this kind of stuff if you are going to go where your mentor is and your habits back that up.

For success in business – just know that the positive’s out-weight the negative’s – 10 to 1. I mean it’s not even close… Just know this may happen as well… be ready and that’s a GREAT sign your doing something amazing!

A great video on Success In Business and my lesson……

Curious… Did you enjoy this video? Did you get any take a ways? The real question is…. Success in business is worth it.. promise!

Comment Below on who you model success after!


To Your Abundance

Terry Gremaux


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