linkedinOh man was September full of crazy LinkedIn lessons or what.  Today I’ll be teaching you 1 great lesson I discovered from LinkedIn and what you can do about it instead.

This one morning I have a tremendous idea (I believe) & in our morning time that day… “This is the time we spend together in the morning talking about life and business”.

I tell Felicia that I have a great idea.  In fact, it wasn’t an idea it had happened to me.  A guy emailed me and said… “You’re getting this email because you’re a LinkedIn contact…”

I was hooked!  I knew I had the deal in my head.  We were already crushing it on LinkedIn without this idea but this my friends… Would blow everything out of the water!

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LinkedIn Idea Goes Crazy

I’m thinking, man this is going to be awesome.  LinkedIn has a feature where you can download all your contacts information.  Therefore, I thought I could very simple download information, upload them into my email database & send them all an email.

Not so fast – I did that & in fact, lined the top of the email with… If you don’t want to receive this email, please unsubscribe.  I told them WHY they were getting the email and everything.

Yet, after sending that 1 email – life came crashing down.  LinkedIn was crazy.  I got told on that I was a spammer.  Then after that my email system I was using gave me a big blow.  They basically kicked me out.

Okay – Lesson Learned.  I went back and sent them an email.  I said here.  I did it but I apologize and I won’t let that happen again.  They told what’s done is done and your account is closing on Friday.

My Discovery & What I learned from The LinkedIn Debacle

If I go back and ask myself why I did this, it’s because I got an email from a guy doing the same thing.  I then stole the idea and used it for myself.  This is a huge mistake.

I didn’t think about what I should do.  I went & copied someone else’s idea because I thought it was cool.  This allowed me not to think and just do.  Not thinking about the consequences cause me a world of hurt & having to move email lists.

At the end of the day, make sure you think about the consequences of every action and reaction inside your business & life for that matter.  Don’t do things just because someone else does it.  That’s a silly reason to do anything.

Take a look at this video in regards to my LinkedIn debacle as Felicia tears me up!

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