Marketing Tips Why LinkedIn Is Awesome

So I absolutely love to recruit professionals into my business.

Just think about it.  Who do you really want to have in your business?

If you ask me, it’s professionals.  Here are some great marketing tips for you.

marketing tips

That is the #1 reason I absolutely love LinkedIn.  I am telling you.  LinkedIn is filled with professionals who typically like opportunity.

#2 reason I love LinkedIn is the average median income.  The average income on LinkedIn is over 100,000!

That is really cool right.  Imagine not really having to worry about that question.  You know, the money question.  That typically doesn’t happen.

Professionals also make super snappy decisions for the most part.  That’s #3.  We all hate running around chasing people right?

It’s so cool working with people like that!


I totally love that professionals have networks as well.  That is the name of the game.  That’s exactly what and who we are looking for.

If I were you, I would certainly add LinkedIn to your daily routine.

Take a look at this video of marketing tips about LinkedIn!

Now, I am curious.  Was this helpful?  Will you put LinkedIn in your daily routine?  Here is a blog I put together awhile back all about answering questions on social media.

In fact, it is my most common question I get.  How the heck do I answer the – what is it question or what company is it.  Enjoy it here.  Check it out here!

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Terry Gremaux


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