Are you having difficulty getting a network marketing lead? Do

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you not know the first thing about it? These 3 ways to capture network marketing leads should really help you out!

So here is the deal with capturing a network marketing lead. Its absolutely pivotal to your business. Now remember… Most people think a network marketing lead has got to come in through some kind of sales funnel. Like a capture page or what have you. That cant be further from the truth and my 3 favorite ways to capture a network marketing lead will illustrate that for sure!

#1 way to capture a network marketing lead

A person who see’s my content, a video or my blog, a webinar really anything like that. We will already havephone call rapport because they pretty much know me. I am telling you, this lead is HOT. They know I put a ton of value of there. They know what I do. They know they want to work with me already in some way, shape or form.. POWERFUL.

Don’t think you need to have a blog or something special in order to capture a network marketing lead. In fact, quite the contrary. You could start putting value into the market place right away. You could put a little video up and your call to action was to contact you for more value, or for a free coaching session.

Remember you will not be great off the start, but you have to start to be great!

#2 way to capture a network marketing lead

My M.O. The way I have brought in 25 plus recruits from 5 different countries. I did this 100% FREE without a blog or anything. That is reaching out to people on all kinds of social media – pinterest, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram – I mean everywhere to create a network marketing lead. This works so well, its just amazing. Don’t knock hard work, this stuff works very well.

If you want my blueprint on how I do this. Head on over to and put your information in and you get my blueprint.

OR. you can give me a ring @ 406-366-9280 and I would love to give you a free coaching session on how to capture a network marketing lead.

#3 way to capture a network marketing lead

Face to face when your out and about. Think about it. Your there anyway, your doing what your doing anyhow. WHY WASTE THAT OPPORTUNITY. Right? And this is something you can teach your team right away. You should be doing

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this right away anyhow to maximize and capture a network marketing lead. Very important!

A couple things to remember with this network marketing lead that will help you out.

If your looking for the way the master does it, this webinar from Ray Higdon might really help you capture more network marketing leads! Grab Ray’s BLUEPRINT here –>>>>> CLICK HERE

1. Rapport – you need to get them to like you, so be interested in them, give a compliment to them. Make sure your asking them questions.

2. Peak Interest – you need to ask the question… Here is my favorite – “Just throwing it out there, but would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what your currently doing?”

3. Capture information – make sure you get a phone number so you can follow up. This network marketing lead will NEVER call you back!

I hope this helped! If it did, comment below and share to your team mates!

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