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Social Media Marketing

This 8-module course takes you through every aspect of marketing on Facebook – Active Prospecting, Rock’n a Fan Page, Advertising & Attraction Marketing. Do you feel “stuck” in your MLM business? Then pick-up this course and pay attention because in it, I show you the Secret Social Media Prospecting Formula that could add 5, 10 or even 20 new people to your team in the next 30-90 days!

Powerhouse Presenting

Are you ready to tap into your audience’s emotions, unleash their buying triggers, and keep them engaged with you for your entire presentations–from start to finish?

Now introducing the easy-to-execute, four-module course that helps you learn and master exactly how to captivate an audience’s attention–whether you’re making presentations on-line or in person. Once you know the presentation formula shared in Powerhouse Presenting, you’ll always be equipped with a power-packed presentation that’s loaded with emotional buying triggers.Yes, there’s a formula for getting the money-drivers charged-up, for bringing tears to the emotional-connectors, and for answering all the questions of the detail-oriented analytical-types. Pick up Powerhouse Presenting today before you even think about delivering another lead-generating webinar.


Recruitopoly: Fast-Recruiting, Team-Building Course

Defeat your frustrations and learn the game-winning social media strategies that have transformed businesses across the globe. Here Terry and Felicia’s highly-touted, live-action training shows you step-by-step — in eight value-packed modules — exactly how to create endless leads as you leverage the extraordinary power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Craigslist, plus get the critical buy-in when you hop on the phone;overcome objections seamlessly; even tweak your branding strategy; and more. Sound amazing? It’s all here, all in one course, as Terry patiently walks you through all the social media strategies proven to really work–a skill-building gold-mine–and Felicia provides wise counsel in optimizing branding and attraction marketing principles. Get on board Recruitopoly today–and start celebrating true success in your business.


The Art of Phone Conversion: The Complete, In -Depth 75-Video Course for All Aspects of Closing the Deal to Grow Your Team and Your Business

What’s the most essential skill you need — but are actually neglecting or doing wrong?

With a bit of trepidation, you probably know the answer: converting prospects to sign-ups when you jump on the phone.

Yes,that’s where sales are lost or won, how you build a robust down-line, and what actually makes the difference between just getting by and crushing it. But unless you’re trained exceptionally well, it’s not surprising you’re struggling to make it happen.

Now The Art of Phone Conversion provides the in-depth training that network marketers have been raving about. Yes, this complete, 75-topic video course squelches your anxieties, giving you the best practical tools you need to build engagement; transform your mindset and daily routine; overcome the gamut of objections (a sales course on its own!); understand your prospects’ personality and motivations; proficiently use mimicking, voice modulation, and tone; learn exactly what to say (and NOT say); ask the right questions that enhance the soft sell; discover pain points like a master; be authentic and offer genuine solutions; entice prospects to “buy in” and ask to join your team; empower your team effectively, and much, much more.

Terry has used these strategies himself to recruit 300+. Impressive, but you might be asking, “How do I find people to call?” Terry’s 29 sure-fire ways ensures you the course pays for itself right out of the gate. Be smart, be bold, erase your fears, and bring on the business you deserve today with The Art of Phone Conversion.


Live Dials Lane (part of recruitopoly)

If you want to focus on your phone skills while picking up some of the best business-building advice around, you’ll be delighted with this sweet gem.

Terry’s two hours of in-the-moment training teach you how to get to “yes” every time and close more deals.

You’ll listen and learn as Terry makes call after call, showing you exactly how to open conversations, ask the right questions, overcome a wide variety of objections–the ones you deal with every day–and get the motivated “buy in.”

As you listen over and over, you’ll get a feel for the right tempo, word choices, and voice nuances–and then use Terry’s examples word for word or as a helpful springboard. Between each call, Terry offers inside tips and advice, explaining his thought process, critiquing each call for you–probably the best way to improve and learn to “crush it” yourself. Take a refreshing walk on Live Dials Lane today, and kick up your business tempo in a heartbeat.

Objection Obliterator(part of recruitopoly)

“Is this one of those pyramid things?”

“But I don’t like to sell.”

“That’s out of my price range.”

“Gotta talk to my wife first.”

“Can I just think about it?”

If you only had a dollar for every time you heard these, right? You’d be basking on a Hawaiian beach right now. Well, how about getting obstacles to melt away even before they’re spoken? How about developing the peak mindset–in them–so you actually flip it around, and your prospects sell themselves to you? Introducing Felicia’s masterful webinar training, Objection Obliterator, equipping you to connect with every prospect, maintain that calm, cool posture of authority, defeat every objection in a positive “curing their pain” kind of way, and then — with the prospect ready to jump “all in” — move seamlessly into the sign-up or sale. Pick up the Objection Obliterator today for this frustration-free “win-win”every time.

Role-Play Workshop

Give yourself a virtual work-out — an 8-hour role-play marathon — as you develop the nitty-gritty nuances of your closing skills and take your business to the next level. It’s created especially for the bold, pace-setting crowd, those who want to develop peak agility on the phone in almost every situation imaginable. You’ll listen and follow along with a script in hand for every role-play–more than a dozen scenarios you may find yourself in–such as talking to prospects from the grocery store or gym to social media leads; from real estate agents and stay-at-home moms to your warm market, and more.

You’ll perfect how to “mirror” your prospect–so key to closing sales; discover the importance of an up- or down-tone in your speech; dramatically boost your confidence level–it’s actually vital; and make sure you’re totally on point. Don’t delay–more sign-ups and sales are calling when you grab the Role-Play Workshop advantage.

Breaking Barriers Group Coaching Membership

THIS. IS. IT. The single best way to move from feeling “stuck” in your business to absolutely equipped, exhilarated, and crushing it.

It’s the ultimate answer, whether you simply thrive on wise guidance, want to surround yourself with the people and mindset necessary to get to the next level,want proven answers for your specific situation that definitely work, or–and here’s the clincher–refuse to settle for mediocrity any longer and want the dream life you deserve–with no regrets. In each weekly coaching strategy call, you’ll discover how to break through every barrier that’s been crippling your success. Once a month “quantum leap” calls guarantee you get every question answered–leaving no stone unturned–giving you that leap frog effect over your competition. Entrance into the “private Facebook forum” gives you elite access to Terry, Felicia, and others in their “idea factory.”

And the super-incredible bonus gift?

You get free access to all their business-crushing products–thousands of dollars in value! That includes Recruitopoly, “The Art . . “, and more. This training–in all aspects of attraction marketing strategy–proves priceless. Join the inner-circle today, and get started Breaking Barriers to the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.