When I think about Social Media Engagement, I think about a few more things than most people.  In fact, my exact feeling is disruption and attention.

See, most all people that are “trying” to get engagement on social media just don’t do it the proper way.  They are doing what everyone else is doing.

The first thing you’ve got to think of in engagement is… How can I be different?  Why should those people check out my stuff?

But before we get there — we need to get your daily routine nailed.  You can simply get that right here… CLICK HERE for your perfect daily routine!

The Truth About Social Media Engagement

One of my mentors and the dude repsonsible for inspiring my social media engagement drive is Gary Vaynerchuk.  I simply love his candid, truth style of talking.  Yes, me too, I don’t like his cursing either, but when it comes to the real stuff…

He’s for sure got it going on.  He did an interview all about how to drive higher social media engagement that about be great to listen to…  You can do that here…

But back on point.  When you are thinking about your engagement on Social Media — Think about disruption.  You’re looking to gain attention on social media.

I think 1 huge problem on Facebook is marketers treat it like everyone is on Facebook to look at their stuff.  In other words, they treat it like a distribution service.  See, they are watching cat videos, politics or their latest sports craze.

You need to steal attention and disrupt them enough to click your link or jump on your Facebook live.  This is the way you think.  How can you steal attention from other people?

This is the game you’re playing.  People have attention on digital media all day long but they only have so much time.  You’ve got to be the dude or the chickadee that grabs social media engagement and attracts them to you.

Then — You work on keeping them in your world.  Then and only then, will you even have to worry about content.  You need to get them into your world first!

Action Steps For Increased Social Media Engagement

I was featured on FOX & The Arkansas News Desk in my latest product — See the article here — & in that product I teach it very much in depth.

How the heck do you get social media attention?  How does this work for you Terry?

Let me help you out a touch.

  1. Setup your profile professionally.  Don’t have your company name all over your Facebook page
  2. Reach out to leaders and comment on their threads.  Like comments in their string to gain attention from them.
  3. Post good valuable things to keep attention on your Facebook page.
  4. Connect with your comment, likes & friend requests to get them into your world
  5. Rinse & repeat.

It’s really that simple.  You’ve just got to understand the difference between busy and effective.  I also wrote a blog post on how to be effective when you’re just starting on social media to gain engagement.  You can see it here.

I thought I’d let you see some video of great social media engagement tips…  Enjoy!

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