social media recruitingToday, I want to teach you about LinkedIn and the number one thing people get wrong when they go to LinkedIn. I want you to understand social media recruiting on LinkedIn.

I want you to understand the platform, okay?

Number one, it’s a professional’s place, so your profile needs to be professional. It needs to have your professional type things in it. It needs to have a good bio. It needs to look pretty. It needs to have a good picture in it.

The second thing in your profile is you want to have a “key” word. If you want to attract people that like social media recruiting, you want to have “social media recruiting tips” in what you do, right? In your profile name. That matters, okay guys?

With Facebook it doesn’t really matter, but people go to LinkedIn and they search, okay?

The next thing I’m going to talk about is what everybody gets wrong, everybody gets wrong, okay? It is, you need to work through connections, right? You don’t go on LinkedIn to go search for new people, okay?

You go on LinkedIn to work through a connection and find somebody else. You go on LinkedIn to put content out there and have somebody come to you for maximum social media recruiting.

You go on LinkedIn to attract somebody to you that’s successful. But, if you’re active prospecting, you reach through somebody, so go through your connections, add your connections that you have through Google, through Gmail, through your phone, through all that stuff, automatically LinkedIn will do that for you.

Then, you work through those connections to find somebody powerful. You work through those connections to find somebody that’s important to you. That’s your first connections, your first and second connections.

Don’t go any further than that, okay? That’s where the power is on LinkedIn, is working through your connections to find somebody incredible.

In fact, one of my students, Heather Cameron, actually did this to sponsor two different people in Dubai. Now, if you like this, but you want to see it live.

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Are you going to be a social media recruiting champion because of this?

Let me know below.  Will this help you be happier?  2015-05-06-01.12.11

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