[Success Stories] Of Great People — I Never Thought It Would Happen

11071856_10205436010413281_1578342654_oMost of you have been following me for quite some time or short time and don’t really know my real story.

So, today I wanted to share a little bit about where I’ve came from, the failure that I’ve came from and the gratefulness that I have and how I’ve got to the place that I’m at today.

Have you ever wondered if you were really going to make it? Have you ever wondered if maybe this industry isn’t for you? Have you ever wondered if maybe you’re just not going to make it?

Read this blog post and I hope to inspire you to keep going! I hope to inspire you to take the next step because you can do it and I do believe in you!

Personal Success Stories – It Always Wasn’t That Way

inspirational storiesMy story starts back to 2006, I was sitting at the dinner table in my house in Shepherd, Montana and I was reading a magazine ad. The magazine ad was talking about home business and making money from home.  All of that, really cool, dreamlike stuff.  Being able to make as much money as you wanted to and that kind of thing.

So, I made the phone call and got started literally that day, in a company now known as Isagenix.  I thought everyone would be excited and would want to join.  I just thought that it would be easy, right?

Who wouldn’t want to make money? Who wouldn’t want to make money from home?  I just did not I didn’t get it. It didn’t make sense to me. Do you see where I’m coming from?

Inspirational Stories – The Story Behind The Story

Long story short, 9 companies later, 7 years later in 2013, I was still sitting at the same spot. I was still sitting at the same spot dreaming, hoping, wishing that I could make things happen. I was still hoping that this was a thing for me.

I was wondering if maybe home business wasn’t the right thing. Maybe, this wasn’t the journey I was supposed to be on.

The Day My Life Changed
success stories
You see, I think everything in life happens for reason.  You hear me talk about that a lot and I talk about that for a couple reasons.

I’ve been through a lot of failure and it happened for reason.  I am so grateful, even for my failures.  I needed to learn some things.  I wasn’t treating people right in my life.  I needed to have a story to tell.  I look back; the decision that changed my life was the decision to invest in myself.

I literally had no money.  I had $620 to my name.  I’m sitting in Orlando, Florida … up on stage.  Everybody thought that I was making a lot of money but I wasn’t at the time.  Perception is beautiful but in this case I wasn’t making a lot of money.  I had $620 to my name.  I still had to eat for two days and I wanted to put $500 down on a on a coaching program with my good buddy Ray Higdon.

motivational storiesMan! I had no clue how I was going to make it happen.  So, as always, I found a solution in the friends that I have by my side. My good buddy, Justice Eagan, gave me a loan. It was just enough money to get home on –$140. I put money down on the coaching program and made some strong commitments that very minute. I told Justice, “Just give me enough money to get home”.  So thankful that he did. That decision absolutely changed the direction of my life FOREVER because I made a decision to win. A concrete decision was made “I will never ever be in this position again”.

The month after that I put that money down with Ray, I had a $25,000 month.  My biggest month ever. Coincidence? I certainly think NOT.

12 months from that day, I went completely full time. I’ve been full-time ever since that day and I now live in Dallas, Texas. Wow, how times have changed!

I live a life full of absolute freedom. I’m able to do what I want, pretty much when I want.  Yes, I’m not where I want to be yet in business but success is a journey; never a destination to be reached.

business-woman-questioning-herselfIf you’re sitting there today wondering if this is the right fit for you.  Wondering if you’ll ever make it.  Wondering if maybe this isn’t going to work for you, wanting to make something happen.  If you want to be that person … the one that gets to tell your story of success to your audience, inspiring somebody else, then….

The one thing that I can tell you is you need to invest in yourself. That might be a book. That might be a course.  You deserve it because you’re worthy.  You see the reason why we don’t invest in ourselves has nothing at all to do with whether or not we think the course will help us.  You doubt yourself and you do not think you’re worthy. Subconsciously you think that you won’t make it happen, so why buy it, right?

I’m here to tell you today, that you are worth it.  I believe in you. I have your back.

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No matter what, I believe in you.  No matter if you buy or not I want you to win.  I want you to go to the top and I will see you at the top. It’s time for you to win.

Did this post inspire you?  Did it help you out?

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How Ray Higdon Changed The Complete Direction Of My Life – http://thehashtaghunter.com/how-ray-higdon-changed-the-entire-direction-of-my-life/

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